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What are the hypertensive nephropathy signs symptoms?

2017-09-14 15:20

Hypertensive nephropathy is also a kind of kidney disease, in such a disease when the body is also the composition of the harm is relatively large. If you do not find yourself getting sick at an early age, the spread of the disease is faster. So for the health of the body is not subject to more serious harm, and now let the experts say to you the hypertensive nephropathy signs symptoms, hope that we can pay attention to it.

hypertensive nephropathy signs symptoms

Hypertensive nephropathy signs symptoms:

1, hyperlipidemia: the patient's cholesterol in the body, while the triglyceride content was significantly higher.

2, hypoproteinemia: hypertensive nephropathy in patients with blood plasma protein decreased serum protein per liter less than 30 grams, patients with severe serum albumin is less than 10 grams.

3, proteinuria: patients will appear a lot of proteinuria, urine protein examination will appear in patients with ++ ~ ++++, and patients with adult 24 hours urine protein greater than or equal to 3.5 grams. 

4, a large number of severe edema: the incidence of hypertensive nephropathy in patients with edema symptoms, edema began to appear mainly for eyelid edema, with the development of the disease gradually spread to systemic edema, severe kidney will appear ascites, patients with ascites easily Difficulty breathing.

Once got on the hypertensive nephropathy, the body for the composition of the damage is very large, so for their own body can be healthy and healthy, we will find themselves in the case of hypertensive nephropathy as much as possible Early treatment. If there are several signs symptoms above, in a timely manner to regular hospital treatment, so as to avoid exacerbations, affecting the treatment.

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