How to eat fruit for hypertensive nephropathy in daily life?

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How to eat fruit for hypertensive nephropathy in daily life?

2014-04-07 13:33

  As we all know, kidney disease patients need to control diet strictly, at the same time hypertensive nephropathy also need to control diet strictly. How to eat reasonably for hypertensive nephropathy patients?

  Many fruits contain different nutrients, and there are many nutrients need to limit for hypertensive nephropathy.

  1、Hypertensive nephropathy should take more food with high potassium: fruit with high potassium: orange、apple、banana、pear、Chinese gooseberry、persimmon、pineapple、walnut、watermelon and etc. And some foods, like red bean、tomato、summer squash、celery、fresh mushroom and all kinds of green vegetables.

  2、Pineapple contains enrich sugar、fat、protein、vitamin, and calcium、phosphorus、iron、carotene、nicotinic acid、ascorbic acid and etc. It is good for digesting, due to its protease plays an important role. This kind of enzyme could resolve protein, supplement the lack of digestive enzyme, and recover normal digestive function for patients with dyspepsia. In addition, bromelain has a certain treatment for nephritis and high blood pressure, so should take more.

  3、Banana has enrich protein、sugar、potassium、vitamin A and C, also has much dietary fiber, is good nutrition. But banana contains much sodium salt, and nephritis patients with edema and high blood pressure should limit the intake of sodium salt. Taking too much banana is equal to take much sodium salt, give rise to aggravate kidney burden and edema、high blood pressure, so should avoid eating.

  4、Mango has much carotene,is good for sight, and moisturize. The content of vitamin C in mango is higher than general fruits, and decrease cholesterol、triglyceride, taking mango could supplement vitamin C, and prevent cardiovascular disease. When took mango should avoid eating spicy food, such as garlic.

  At the same time should pay attention to the intake of protein and sodium salt. In diet hypertensive nephropathy patients should pay more attention to.

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