Form a good habit to hypertensive nephropathy

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Form a good habit to hypertensive nephropathy

2014-04-03 16:43

  Having hypertensive nephropathy should pay attention to the change of life habit. To ensure the recovery of hypertensive nephropathy should coordinate doctor and the nursing of all kinds of aspects.

  1、Be a good heart

  Should maintain happy feeling, and cultivate optimism、humor, in the opposite, if you are in the exciting、nerve or sad, will cause the quickness of heart, the elevation of blood pressure, the increasing of blood viscosity, make the blood pressure elevated continuously, and induce serious complications such as rupture of blood vessel in brain.

  2、Light diet

  High blood pressure patients should not eat too salty, eat more vegetable and the food is easy to digest, less of fat food, especially for animal fat and offal to far away from fat and artery atherosclerosis.

  3、Measure blood pressure frequently

  In your family, you’d better prepare sphygmomanometer, measure blood pressure in morning and night, according to blood pressure adjust the dosage of medicine to maintain the blood pressure in a certain way.

  4、Take exercise

  Everyday insist on taking exercise, not only increase the energy consumption, but also quicken cardiovascular function, increase myocardial contractility, decrease vascular tone, expand coronary artery, decrease high blood pressure, also could decrease blood triglycerides and blood viscosity.

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