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Attention to patients with polycystic kidney disease

2017-11-17 17:28

Polycystic kidney disease is a common kidney disease, although the incidence of slow, long course, but must be timely treatment. Also usually have to pay attention to their own habits, then, polycystic kidney disease should pay attention to what usually? Polycystic kidney disease patients with what?

1, scientific treatment. For patients with polycystic kidney disease, the most important scientific treatment. Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease with polycystic liver disease, 50% complicated by hypertension. If you want to fundamentally eliminate the cyst, you must improve the blood circulation from the kidney to start. Surgery alone, can only lead to the elimination of large cysts, small cysts are rapidly increasing, the formation of continuous operation, the cysts are generated faster and faster, the kidneys are made into honeycomb surgery, the condition more serious adverse consequences.

2, a good attitude is guaranteed. Polycystic kidney disease is a treatable disease, the patient does not need too pessimistic. Scientific research found that cystic disease is the result of the interaction of innate and acquired factors, all of which can be changed or controlled to eliminate, therefore, must not be pessimistic disappointment, Moreover, optimistic about the mood can improve people's Immunity, is conducive to overcome the disease. But on the other hand to overcome the "underestimate the enemy" thinking, and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Optimistic about the right, serious treatment is the correct guiding ideology.

3, to prevent re-infection. Polycystic kidney after treatment to prevent re-infection, polycystic kidney home care to actively control infection, mainly urinary tract and cyst infection more common in women. Prevention methods: 1. bath with shower; 2. avoid holding urine; 3. stool after the toilet paper rub back; 4. often pay attention to genital hygiene; 5. sexual life immediately after urination and clean the vulva; 6. try to avoid catheterization and Other urinary tract equipment examination.

The small series for everyone to introduce the attention of patients with polycystic kidney disease, through a detailed introduction we have to understand it! Usually must correctly deal with the disease, do a good job of psychological preparation, the correct treatment.

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