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The causes of polycystic kidney disease

2017-11-15 17:38

Polycystic kidney is a cortical and medulla of the kidneys of multiple cysts of a hereditary kidney disease, due to mutations in the kidney caused by changes in certain cell growth and interstitial abnormalities, resulting in polycystic kidney disease. To understand the cause of polycystic kidney disease can help patients with polycystic kidney disease treatment, the polycystic kidney disease killed in the cradle of malignant development. After a long history of research and treatment, experts point out that the causes of polycystic kidney disease are many:

First, congenital dysplasia: congenital dysplasia can produce a variety of diseases, for cystic nephropathy, the main can cause medullary sponge kidney, dysplasia polycystic kidney disease, congenital abnormalities of the gene is generally no abnormal, so it And genetic genetic or genetic mutation is different.

Second, a variety of infections: infection can make the body's internal environment abnormal changes, resulting in cystic genes are conducive to changes in environmental conditions, so that the internal factors of cyst activity increased, it can promote the growth of cysts, and any part of the body Infection, but also through the blood into the kidneys and thus affect the cysts, such as cyst infection, in addition to the clinical symptoms, but also to promote the cyst to further accelerate the growth rate, and increased renal damage and so on. Common infections are upper respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, etc., that is, whether it is bacterial infection or viral infection, can have a great impact on the cyst.

Third, the gene mutation (non-genetic): polycystic kidney disease is mostly inherited by the parental gene, pided into autosomal dominant inheritance and autosomal recessive inheritance, but also part of the polycystic kidney disease is neither parents genetic nor congenital Dysplasia polycystic kidney disease, but the embryogenesis of the gene mutation. In the embryonic formation process, due to various factors, so that the gene mutation and the formation of polycystic kidney disease.

Four toxins: Toxins act on the human body, can cause a variety of cell organization and organ damage, resulting in disease, and even life-threatening, and also produce genetic mutations, congenital dysplasia and other phenomena one of the main reasons.

5, emotional factors: bad mood can reduce the immunity, which is conducive to the invasion of bacteria and viruses, so that the affected cysts. Adverse mood changes can also make the body's nerve and endocrine disorders, but also through the role of neurohumoral body to change the body's internal environment, the internal environment of the abnormal effect on the cyst.

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