The risk of polycystic kidney disease

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The risk of polycystic kidney disease

2017-11-14 17:17

Polycystic kidney damage to the main cause of renal dysfunction. In addition, polycystic kidney disease may also lead to a series of complications, such as high blood pressure, vomiting, etc., to the patient's life and health caused great harm. The following small series of simple to tell you about polycystic kidney disease caused by the harm.

Polycystic kidney disease one of the hazards: cause more complications

Patients with polycystic kidney disease after renal insufficiency, patients often have different degrees of complications, such as high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and discomfort.

Polycystic kidney damage two: renal failure

With the development of patients with polycystic kidney disease, cysts may increase the process of renal function cells may be damaged, polycystic kidney damage also occurs, that is, polycystic kidney disease caused by chronic end stage renal failure uremia The

Polycystic kidney damage three: uremia

Many patients with polycystic kidney disease in the early stages of the disease is often not aware of the harm, did not cause enough attention, there is no positive related treatment, resulting in the development of the disease to renal insufficiency, especially end-stage renal failure uremia After the polycystic kidney business in vivo toxins can not be properly discharged from the body, long-term retention in the body will lead to a series of symptoms, some patients had to hemodialysis in order to reduce the harm.

Experts advise, polycystic kidney disease on the health of patients with greater harm, once found to have to do a good job early prevention and control work. Polycystic kidney disease in daily life, especially pay attention to health care, to learn more about the harm of polycystic kidney disease and daily diet and other related knowledge, to avoid the polycystic kidney function and thus causing greater harm.

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