The principle of daily maintenance of polycystic kidney dise

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The principle of daily maintenance of polycystic kidney dise

2017-10-28 17:36

Polycystic kidney disease is a chronic disease, and the general chronic disease, whether it is the course of disease or treatment time is relatively long, so during this time,patients with polycystic kidney disease must know how to conditioning their own body, so that their body more with the treatment of polycystic kidney disease and recovery.

Life care:

1, to promote physical and mental rest: such as renal hypertension should be measured blood pressure, according to changes in blood pressure increased bed rest time.

2, a reasonable diet: diet should be based on the situation of each disease to the patient specific diet guidance, such as renal insufficiency, should improve the heat (mainly sugar), high-quality low-protein diet, limit the amount of liquid, keep Water balance.

3, pay attention to oral care: morning and evening and postprandial to keep the mouth clean, remove bad breath, reduce nausea, prevent bacteria and mold students.

4, to strengthen the skin care: Good skin nursing in polycystic kidney disease, prevention is an important work of cutaneous infection, bedsore and related complications, due to uremic cream deposition on the skin, the patient often itching discomfort, and affect Sleep, and scratch the skin after the easy infection.

So should always use warm water scrub, keep the skin clean, avoid using soap and alcohol. Glove clothes, sheets. For patients with severe edema, but also need to pay attention to protect the skin, often change the lying position, massage compression parts.

Mental, psychological care:

As the course of polycystic kidney disease is long, and easy to repeat, with the heavy burden of thought, therefore encourage patients to open-minded, relax and avoid negative emotion, learn recuperation conquering disease, disease information, make a speedy recovery.

Through the details of the above, I believe we all know the life of patients with polycystic kidney disease care, but also on their psychological care, if you have knowledge of kidney disease and other aspects need to be detailed to understand, You can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the actual condition of the patient to give the most professional guidance.

If you have other kidney problems that can be viewed on other web pages, you can also consult online, or in your email,, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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