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How to have diet scientifically in patients with polycystic

2017-10-11 15:55

With the continuous progress of society, people's quality of life is also rising, then,  how to carry out a scientific diet for patients suffering from polycystic kidney disease ? Next the expert in our hospital will give a detailed introduction for everybody about the  respects.of scientific diet of polycystic kidney need to notice. 

How to have diet scientifically in patients with polycystic kidney disease?

Diet or use or less food for patients with polycystic kidney disease:

1. polycystic kidney diet should pay attention to alcoholic beverages, alcohol, especially white wine, for patients with polycystic kidney disease is advised to quit, polycystic kidney diet, alcohol and kidney stimulation is of great importance. It can stimulate the activity of polycystic proteins and accelerate the growth of cysts.

2. fermented food, the fermented food here is mainly fermented food, the diet of polycystic kidney, such as tofu, stinky eggs. Avoid the use of this kind, will be beneficial to the growth rate of the cyst.

3. high protein foods, every type of kidney disease, should be low protein diet, diet of polycystic kidney, to avoid the synthesis of nitrogen metabolites in the body, reducing the excretion of kidney. A diet of kidney beans such as soy, tofu, and other legumes.

4. internal food, animal offal made of cooked food is not suitable for polycystic kidney patients to eat, polycystic kidney diet especially animal liver, Chinese a message, what to eat, what, in fact is not the case, polycystic kidney disease in animal slaughter in the process of eating a lot of toxins left in the liver and kidney, especially the liver function of liver is the detoxification, many animal metabolic toxins are left in the gut, if the patient is taking these substances invisible to increase the burden on the kidneys, aggravating illness.

The above is about polycystic kidney patients scientific diet related introduction.If you still have what needs to know, you can consult our online experts, we will make you a reasonable diet program.

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