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What are the mistakes in the polycystic kidney disease treat

2017-09-09 16:42

Polycystic kidney disease is a common disease in modern life, which has some influence on people's life. Usually, many patients are eager to be treated for their own health, and there will be some treatment mistakes. So what are the misconceptions about polycystic kidney disease treatment?

polycystic kidney disease treatment

A misunderstanding: the physical treatment of polycystic kidney illness treatment
A lot of polycystic kidney patients are not just think of the body to the hospital, for example, often unexplained back pain, urine like wash water meat slightly redness, nausea, vomiting etc.. When the body shows an obvious sense of disease, the degree of fibrosis is very large and the renal function has been severely impaired.
The treatment of polycystic kidney zone two: no overall plan for a fundamental transformation
Polycystic kidney cyst enlargement is the starting factor for polycystic kidney starting renal fibrosis. For this reason, many patients have been operated on to reduce the compression of the cyst to the renal parenchyma. But the result is often unsatisfactory, often large cysts shrink, and small cysts increase, began to oppress the kidney parenchyma, leading to the process of renal fibrosis can not be effectively controlled, resulting in progressive decline in renal function. In addition, for polycystic kidney patients with hypertensive disease, most simply with antihypertensive treatment, late body tolerance to antihypertensive drugs, not to the same pressure, increased the burden on the kidneys.
Polycystic kidney treatment error three: female patients with polycystic kidney disease can not bear
Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease that leads to the wrong understanding of polycystic kidney disease, that is, polycystic kidney can not get married, not to have children. This adds to mental stress in patients with polycystic kidney disease and creates a bottomless puzzle for the family.
Although there are some unfortunate families, children who develop polycystic kidney disease when they are fetal or grow up, do not mean that the patient cannot procreate. As long as the young women with polycystic kidney disease has been stable, no hypertension, normal renal function, there is no adverse pregnancy conditions can be pregnant. And a large number of facts have proved that patients with polycystic kidney pre pregnancy related examinations, pregnancy good perinatal examination, can have a healthy child, young polycystic kidney patients should have confidence in their lives.

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