What is the polycystic kidney disease treatment?

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What is the polycystic kidney disease treatment?

2017-09-09 16:39

Many people do not understand polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease is a difficult to treat kidney disease. We should pay more attention to understanding the polycystic kidney disease treatment in life. Polycystic kidney disease treatment is pided into traditional Chinese medicine treatment and Western medicine treatment, then polycystic kidney disease treatment methods are what?

Chinese medicine therapy

Chinese medicine mainly for polycystic kidney disease caused by renal failure, can be based on dialectical treatment, the choice of Codonopsis, Astragalus, angelica, rhubarb, Salvia, triangular, Curcuma, Achyranthes bidentata, Epimedium, turtle, Tongue and other drugs to Fuzheng to evil, blood circulation Among them, Codonopsis, Triangular, Curcuma and so on can inhibit the polycystic kidney disease cyst epithelial cell proliferation, or reduce the expression of cystic epithelial cells growth factor, induced apoptosis, and thus have a certain therapeutic effect on polycystic kidney disease.

Western medicine therapy

Cysts to the top decompression: This operation to reduce the cysts on the renal parenchymal oppression, to protect most of the remaining kidney units from compression and further damage, so that renal ischemic condition improved, part of the renal function unit to be restored, delayed The development of the disease. The key to successful surgery is to perform surgery as early as possible, cyst decompression must be complete, do not give up small cysts and deep cysts decompression. Both sides should be surgery, the general interval of bilateral surgery for more than six months. Advanced cases such as renal damage has been in azotemia, uremia, regardless of whether the merger with high blood pressure, decompression treatment has been meaningless, surgical anti-aggravated disease.

Above is our polycystic kidney disease treatment related issues, for reference only. Learn more about the treatment of polycystic kidney disease is still very good for us. In daily life must pay attention to diet and living habits, so as to avoid kidney damage.

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