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A precursor to polycystic kidney disease

2017-09-03 14:35

Polycystic kidney disease is a common kidney disease, if not treated, may cause illness uremia and other life-threatening complications, to discover it, need to understand the reaction of polycystic kidney, to introduce the precursor of polycystic kidney disease onset, we hope to be able to help.

1, abnormal urine is the most common symptom of polycystic kidney disease: mainly for proteinuria or hematuria, is one of the early symptoms. Most urinary protein is related to glomerular barrier function, hematuria is found main factors of their suffering from polycystic kidney and polycystic kidney patients. Check the main factors of hematuria is because the cyst is increasing constantly, the mutual repression between sac and sac, caused by cyst rupture or bleeding caused by kidney. Generally the intermittent painless gross hematuria, most were mild, and has continued to appear. Besides, in the early days, there will be a mild urinary urgency, nocturia, polyuria, general and kidney function decline concentration relationship.

2, urinary symptoms, such as urine, frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain, hematuria, nocturia, oliguria.

3, the most common symptoms of polycystic kidney disease is also reflected in the abdominal mass: when kidney increases to a certain extent, can be unilateral or bilateral upper abdomen touch is the size of the mass, and will move with the breath, infection with tenderness. Bilateral palpable abdominal mass in patients with multiple cystic kidney was about 50%-80% one side, about 15%-30%.

4, waist, abdominal pain symptoms or local discomfort diet of polycystic kidney: generally in polycystic kidney early will find the symptoms, mainly for back pressure, sometimes severe pain. Can be intermittent or continuous seizures, sometimes manifested as abdominal pain, pain to the abdomen. The groin, back, chest pain may be due to radiation, running, sedentary activities and aggravate, the patient was forced to stay in bed, the mechanism of pain can be expanded because of the increase of the kidney, increased renal capsular tension lead to compression of the adjacent organs stretch fabric caused by the suspension group.

5, the most common anemia is polycystic kidney symptoms: most of polycystic kidney patients will experience a turn the light weight of the process and is often accompanied by anemia, nocturia. The generation of red blood cells and the symptoms of kidney secretion was decreased, the decline in renal function.

6, hypertension: high blood pressure is one of the more frequent symptoms of polycystic kidney disease. It usually occurs before kidney failure, accompanied by headache and dizziness, and is closely related to the hyperfunction of renin angiotensin system

Daily care of polycystic kidney disease

In the diet, should pay attention to not eat salty class (including pickled), do not eat spicy class (including pepper, wine, shrimp, crab, etc.) do not eat contaminated (including rotten leftovers, etc.), do not eat barbecue, and renal dysfunction or uremia should not eat beans and their products, limiting animal high protein food, greasy food.

Keep optimistic thinking interest, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Cystic disease is the interaction of innate and acquired factors the results of scientific research found that all of these factors can be changed or controlled to eliminate, therefore, do not despair, condition and optimistic thinking can improve people's mood immunity, to overcome the disease. But on the other hand, to overcome the "enemy" thought, actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment. Optimistic, seriously is the correct guiding ideology.

The above is about polycystic kidney attack when the precursor, his body appeared in the three or more than three kinds of symptoms should note, is likely to have suffered from the disease, go to hospital for examination and treatment under the relevant is crucial. Wish the friends of patients to early rehabilitation.


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