How does polycystic kidney disease avoid getting into uremia

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How does polycystic kidney disease avoid getting into uremia

2017-06-24 11:55

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, and the symptoms are not obvious! But once the disease is often found to have caused substantial damage to the kidneys, if not active treatment and even development of uremia? Polycystic kidney disease patients how to avoid into the uremia Early detection of early treatment is very important! First introduced the early symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, patients with similar symptoms or family history must be vigilant!

Long-term clinical manifestations: edema, hypertension, anemia, hematuria, low back pain, abnormal urination and urinary incontinence, or nocturia increased, bone pain, increased urinary foam, other reasons unknown loss of appetite, fatigue, pale , Often mistaken for gastrointestinal cancer, anemia and make a variety of checks.

Of course, in addition to understanding the early symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease how to avoid into the uremia? Treatment is the most important! How to choose the treatment method is related to the patient's condition can be well controlled! Less patients in the same disease when the same active treatment, but the effect is not ideal or even worse, what is the reason for this? Because there is no election on the treatment of the current treatment of polycystic kidney disease is the best way to traditional Chinese medicine osmotic therapy!

Traditional Chinese medicine osmotic therapy based on cystic pathological changes in the characteristics of the use of traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation characteristics, the role of renal microcirculation, improve the wall around the oxygen supply, soften the wall, increased permeability, so that the capsule fluid through increased blood circulation And was taken away, cyst fluid decreased, cysts naturally reduced. At the same time, through the drug active substances, acting on the inner wall of the capsule wall secretion, repair its normal function, blocking its abnormal secretion, so that the capsule fluid is not secreted, cyst gradually reduced. And once the treatment, not easy to relapse!

How to avoid the infants into the uremia? Early detection of early treatment is the key! As long as the condition has not yet reached an irreversible stage, there is hope of treatment, to avoid into the uremic stage!

How does polycystic kidney disease avoid getting into uremia?

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