Polycystic kidney disease is always complicated with polycys

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Polycystic kidney disease is always complicated with polycys

2017-06-24 11:54

Polycystic kidney is the whole kidney covered with large and small cysts, these cysts will grow with age and growth, which will oppress the kidneys, so that the structure of the kidney damage, reduce the number of urinary renal units, to kidney damage later To not maintain normal life, then there will be uremia. There are two types of polycystic kidney disease, autosomal recessive genotype (infant type) polycystic kidney disease, onset in infancy, clinical rare; autosomal dominant genotype (adult type) polycystic kidney disease, often in the youth Period was found, but also at any age.

In the clinical polycystic kidney often accompanied by polycystic liver, polycystic liver disease refers to the existence of more than three cysts in the liver, and distribution along the liver. Women are more common than men, the incidence rate from 3 years old when about 20% to 70 years of age 75%. There are family genetic predisposition, in allogeneic kidney transplantation in patients with successful survival of more than 10 years were combined with liver cysts. Polycystic liver cyst size, as small as the need to be microscopic to find large enough to occupy the entire abdominal cavity, the size of the liver from normal to large. Capsule caused by hepatomegaly caused by invading liver parenchyma is oppressed and atrophy, liver parenchyma can save better, liver function can be in the normal range.

Know how the polycystic kidney disease is always complicated with polycystic liver, it should be how to treat it? There are two kinds of treatment of the disease, Western medicine can be used to decompression or puncture fluid treatment, but polycystic kidney disease recurrence rate Higher, the cyst will continue to grow you will face multiple problems of the liquid.Chinese medicine can be used outside the disease treatment method, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of traditional Chinese medicine through the skin infiltration of the way to expand the blood vessels to accelerate the local blood circulation, Take the capsule fluid at the same time, reduce the intracystic pressure, inhibition of wall epithelial cells continue to secrete, reduce the capsule fluid formation, so that cysts continue to retract, and can effectively prevent cyst enlargement, reduce damage to kidney tissue, So as to achieve the purpose of treatment! Treatment of polycystic kidney disease, polycystic liver, we must seize a better period! Hope to help patients! If you still have questions can click on this site online experts

Polycystic kidney disease is always complicated with polycystic liver

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