Polycystic kidney disease can you eat chicken?

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Polycystic kidney disease can you eat chicken?

2017-06-24 11:42

Here first recommended polycystic kidney disease in patients with nutrition: 3 chickens, Coix Seed 15g, lentils Coix Seed soak for half an hour, after the slaughter of tarts and offal, cut into pieces. All the materials into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water after the fire to boil, slow fire stew to Shulan can, drink soup chicken. Applicable to poor appetite, nausea loose stools, pale tongue, thin fur, veins fine, is a spleen deficiency wet Sheng.

The reason why polycystic kidney disease, because the patient itself is high blood pressure, the kidneys are also in a huge state, easily lead to renal cysts around the small blood vessels rupture, resulting in hematuria. That specific process, cysts with age, cysts oppression of kidney tissue and kidney blood vessels, leading to local microcirculation of renal tissue caused by renal ischemia and hypoxia, which led to renal capillary endothelial cell injury, hematuria leakage. At the same time the inflammatory cells within the blood infiltration, start the process of renal fibrosis, renal function will gradually decline. In addition, a small number of patients can also be complicated by urinary tract infection and kidney stones, hematuria can also occur.

Polycystic kidney disease occurs, than other kidney disease caused by hematuria treatment is much more difficult. Polycystic kidney disease in patients with their clinical manifestations of hematuria easy to anti-recurrence, generally in the urine medication after 4 8 days to stop bleeding. But soon after the patient will once again hematuria, especially in patients with polycystic kidney disease more common. The more the number of hematuria occur in polycystic kidney disease, the higher the risk and risk of end-stage renal disease.

Therefore, the effective treatment of polycystic kidney disease, need to start from many aspects. First of all, after the occurrence of hematuria, patients should first control the infection occurred, because most patients with polycystic kidney disease after hematuria, easily lead to renal infection, increased urinary symptoms. Second, need blood circulation, strengthen blood circulation. Most cases of polycystic kidney disease, with most of the clinical symptoms, because of increased renal cysts oppression of renal parenchymal lead to glomerular ischemia and hypoxia. Thus expanding the polycystic kidney around the blood vessels on the wall, to strengthen the blood circulation of the wall to promote the increase in permeability of the wall, in order to achieve increased renal blood perfusion, accelerate the recovery of cyst blood to the blood vessels to control the continued swelling of the cyst The

Polycystic kidney disease can you eat chicken?

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