Do you have surgery to treat polycystic kidney disease?

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Do you have surgery to treat polycystic kidney disease?

2017-06-24 11:35

At present all the treatment effect is slow in addition to surgical biopsy and disease treatment is easy to relapse. The use of immunotherapy treatpolycystic kidneys can effectively repair damaged kidney innate immune therapy such as vascular endothelial immunity and mesangial immunity. So it can make the cysts absorb and shrink the cysts naturally. Effective blocking of renal fibrosis is an important way to control the severity of the disease. Principle of the use of immunotherapy for polycystic kidney disease.

First, orientate differentiation based on growth, development and repair. Common regulatory factors for differentiation, including transcription factors, growth factors and cell interactions mediated by cell membrane proteins. The expression level of the transcription factor may be the key point of change, retention and recovery functions. The interaction of growth factors and cell - mediated membrane proteins may play an important role in the regulation of directional differentiation.

Because of the function of self-replication and directional differentiation, cells as seed immunotherapy repair damaged organs. The basic study found that in the appropriate internal and external environment, cellular immunity can be differentiated into renal innate immunotherapy, including mesangial immunotherapy, immunotherapy and renal tubular epithelial cell immune support. It has the function of repairing and reconstructing the innate immunity of the kidneys and complementing each other with traditional Chinese medicine drug penetration therapy.

Treatment of polycystic kidney disease must be surgery? No, the whole treatment of Chinese medicine does not require surgery, painless. The use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, often can achieve the desired effect. Kidney disease treatment network using traditional Chinese medicine osmotic therapy, through the Huoxuetongluo, Quyu clear repair new steps to increase the blood circulation by the cyst wall, take the capsule fluid, reduce the capsule pressure, reduce the renal cyst, while the kidney Damage to the inherent cells of reversal, inactivation, apoptosis, degradation, and then block the process of renal fibrosis, fundamentally completely solve the polycystic kidney compression of normal renal tissue, and the resulting kidney fibrosis problems. With immediate, tackling the problem, save time and other advantages. Is the most ideal method of all therapies.

Do you have surgery to treat polycystic kidney disease?

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