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Treatment of polycystic kidney from which aspects to start

2017-09-20 15:36

Treatment of polycystic kidney disease from which aspects to start to understand the treatment of polycystic kidney disease from what aspects? How to treat polycystic kidney disease will be more effective? For polycystic kidney treatment, first of all to ensure that patients do not carry out intense exercise , Because the intense exercise is easy to improve the patient's kidney by external injury probability. In the treatment of polycystic kidney disease, there are cases of polycystic kidney disease in patients with effective control of high blood pressure. At the same time there is a positive prevention of urinary tract infection. So polycystic kidney disease treatment from which aspects of it? About polycystic kidney disease treatment from the following aspects:

polycystic kidney disease treatment

polycystic kidney disease treatment

General treatment of polycystic kidney disease: to avoid severe physical activity and abdominal trauma, when the kidney is more obvious when the use of sling instead of the belt, so that cyst rupture. Regular review of blood pressure, urine and renal function. Avoid the use of drugs that are damaged by the kidneys.

Control of high blood pressure: polycystic kidney disease treatment to control high blood pressure, target blood pressure 135 / 85mmHg the following, which plays a decisive role in the protection of renal function. With antihypertensive drugs and other renal hypertension similar.

Active prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection: bath with shower, do not hold back urine, women after the stool toilet paper wipe back, pay attention to genital hygiene, sexual life before serving norfloxacin or ciprofloxacin 0.2 grams, immediately after sexual urination, sexual Before life, after cleaning the vulva, try to avoid catheterization or urinary tract equipment examination. Jingdong, China and the United States experts pointed out that the treatment of cystitis or pyelonephritis and non-polycystic kidney were the same, the treatment of cyst infection should consider the penetration of drugs, such as positioning, you can puncture pumping hydraulic and local medication. Therefore, to treat polycystic kidney disease, active prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection is very important. In fact,the the clinical of polycystic kidney disease treatment need to be considered in many ways, so as to achieve better treatment results.

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