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Chinese medicine treatment of polycystic kidney disease effe

2017-06-24 11:34

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of polycystic kidney disease? Polycystic kidney disease is characterized by numerous renal cysts, which is a hereditary disease that can lead to renal failure if not treated in time. Although polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, not all children have parents with polycystic kidney disease that will be affected by it. In general, if the parents have this disease, then the child has 50 percent of the possibility of suffering from the disease. However, if both parents suffer from polycystic kidney disease, then the child will have seventy five points to get the disease.

Treatment of polycystic kidney disease from Chinese herbal medicine, it is not the only treatment, but the most natural treatment. Herbs are a class of plants that can be used as clinical medicine. In different herbs, play different roles in different herbs for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease. They may have the opposite or similar effect in the treatment of the same disease. They naturally grow and do not contain any hormones, so they do not cause side effects at all. This is one of the most important key points for many patients with polycystic kidney disease to choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

In addition, due to different pathological changes or severe polycystic kidney disease, patients may need to use different herbs; therefore, it is different, we tell what effective treatment of polycystic kidney disease. In addition, at present, with the development of medical technology, Chinese medicine penetration therapy, a herbal treatment, is the treatment of patients with polycystic kidney disease is indeed satisfactory treatment.

Kidney disease treatment network experts advise: early treatment for polycystic kidney disease early treatment, Western medicine is still using puncture fluid and cyst to the top decompression, the two treatment methods can not be fundamentally on the cyst control, shrink treatment , But can temporarily make the capsule fluid and intracystic pressure to reduce, ease the patient's symptoms and pain. So the better way for the disease is to recommend traditional Chinese medicine conservative treatment, patients can use the treatment of internal disease outside the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine through the skin through a certain treatment instrument directly penetrate into the damaged parts of the kidney, drugs First, the expansion of blood vessels to improve the state of renal ischemia and hypoxia, dredge around the vesicle blood circulation, so that cyst fluid, cyst pressure decreases, the entire vesicle on the glomerular pressure will decline, glomerular Of the filtration capacity enhancement, this time the renal function will be a certain recovery, to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Chinese medicine treatment of polycystic kidney disease effect

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