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  • Ten tips that renal disease patients need to notice

    Date:2014-04-14 14:49:40

    Kidney disease, all kinds of disease for kidney. Between the organs, internal and external keep dynamic equilibrium. Internal and external many reasons break the balance, and cause the dysfunction of qi and blood, the disease affects kidney...

  • Five advices for renal disease patients

    Date:2014-04-14 14:45:38

    Improper diet causes to the occurrence of many diseases. So a healthy diet is important for people, especially for patients. Following content is about some advice for renal disease patients. 1、Limit the intake of phosphorus (1)、Limit t...

  • Renal diseases should take lower salt and protein diet

    Date:2014-04-13 10:27:49

    Diet and life managements play an important role for delaying patients life, especially for kidney disease treatment, except for medical, diet is also important, reasonable diet could decrease kidney burden and maintain renal function. Diet...

  • Diet for kidney disease patients

    Date:2014-03-18 15:53:41

    Patients should pay attention to the diet ,reasonable diet is very important ,so kidney disease should how to eat ? 1.Limit salt The diet for acute nephritis patients need to limit the salt ,because kidney urinary ability decline at this ti...

  • Diet taboos for kidney disease patients

    Date:2014-03-17 17:43:38

    Kidney is the important organs of the human body ,if the kidney has some matters that will stand for a part of your body occur problems,while kidney disease patients must pay attention to the diet ,in this way can be good for the illness .N...

  • Dietary principles for kidney disease patients

    Date:2014-03-17 17:43:00

    As we all know ,kidney disease is difficult to treat ,kidney disease patients should bear different degrees of pain ,that will make patients worried .So kidney disease patients except accept treatment should pay more attention to the diet ....

  • What should notice in diet for renal disease patients?

    Date:2014-03-13 17:30:54

    In the process of treating kidney disease, could relieve the condition by reasonable diet. But for renal disease diet, there are many taboos need to pay attention to. Because unreasonable diet will aggravate the condition, bad for recover....

  • The diet for nephrotic syndrome

    Date:2014-03-13 16:50:59

    1、The intake of salt: having edema should offer lower salt diet to prevent aggravating edema, as usual every day intake is suitable of less than 2g, avoid pickled food, eat less monosodium glutamate and fresh soda, when the edema faded aw...

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