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  • Does regular drinking tea can cause kidney stones?

    Date:2018-01-06 17:15:01

    There are many kinds of stones, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, mixed stones and uric acid stones, in theory, more tea will increase the probability of uric acid stones, but the fact is not the case, first of all stones are mixed ingred...

  • The benefits of eating sweet potatoes in patients with kidne

    Date:2018-01-06 17:14:20

    Compared to other foods, sweet potato itself has the effect of invigorating spleen and kidney. In addition, sweet potato contains a lot of vitamins, cellulose and a variety of trace elements. The content of VC in fresh sweet potato is highe...

  • What are the common symptoms of children with kidney disease

    Date:2018-01-04 17:11:10

    In our lives, many children have suffered from kidney disease, and the occurrence of this disease has an impact on the healthy growth of children. Its necessary for us to know more about some of the symptoms of children with kidney disease,...

  • Six bad habits make patients with kidney disease prematurely

    Date:2018-01-04 17:09:50

    1: Take instant noodles as breakfast Regular consumption of instant noodles as breakfast, it is bad for the health and development of the human body. Because, to maintain the bodys normal physiological metabolism requires six elements, and...

  • Four factors causing kidney disease

    Date:2018-01-02 16:49:48

    Many kidney patients are baffled by their own illness, and do not understand how they have changed kidney disease. In fact, there are many reasons of kidney disease, the following editor will introduce the four factors lead to kidney diseas...

  • The dietary principles for patient with kidney disease

    Date:2017-12-21 08:46:19

    Kidney disease have a very high requirements of kidney disease on the diet, if the diet does not pay attention to the treatment will affect the disease for patient, we must be in strict accordance with the doctors request to diet, in order...

  • Can kidney cancer eat Chinese traditional medicine to treat?

    Date:2017-12-21 08:44:34

    Renal cancer is a very serious kidney disease, kidney cancer common symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, kidney cancer, also known as renal cell carcinoma, renal adenocarcinoma, originated in the urinary epithelial. With the popularity o...

  • Do not let the mischief and hematuria and proteinuria goes w

    Date:2017-12-16 16:45:59

    The normal color of urine is yellow, clear and transparent. Hematuria does not need to see, all know is red, but red urine is not necessarily hematuria. If the red urine, must not be ignored, to determine whether urine hematuria. If the uri...

  • Nephropathy Is Light Or Heavy, Should Be Judged!

    Date:2017-12-14 16:27:00

    As a kidney patient, he has to endure great pressure every day. He is afraid to develop kidney failure or uremia at any moment. He cant eat well and sleep well... But there is no time to go to the hospital to check, so he bought the urine t...

  • Why Not Allow Children To Eat Cold Drinks?

    Date:2017-12-14 16:25:32

    Chinese medicine belive that root knot, the origin of all diseases, the most important is the potential internal causes. In the hot summer, the bodys Yang Qi and energy emit outwards, the body is actually Yang empty. In clinical often have...

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