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  • Delay the development of kidney disease, nutrition treatment

    Date:2018-01-30 16:26:28

    Everyone in different stages of their lives will have different goals, and for patients with kidney disease, delay the progress of kidney disease, is their small goal, suffering from kidney disease, people in addition to drug treatment, but...

  • Can diabetic nephropathy patientsd eat spicy food?

    Date:2018-01-23 17:12:24

    In our lives, there are a lot of people taste more heavy, especially like spicy food. Diabetic nephropathy patients also have a lot of like spicy food before was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, looking at the delicious spicy food, the...

  • Foods that nephropathy patients must be prohibited.

    Date:2018-01-23 17:09:42

    What is not suitable for patients with kidney disease to eat? Such as high salt, high fat, protein-rich, spicy stimulation, hard fried and other foods are not suitable for patients with kidney disease, because these foods can easily lead to...

  • How to prevent the deterioration of hypertension into uremia

    Date:2018-01-20 17:20:55

    Studies have shown that 15% of the development of hypertension will be uremia, and blood pressure control is good or bad, a direct impact on the occurrence of uremia, development, efficacy and prognosis. Therefore, patients with hypertensio...

  • How to carry out home care for hemodialysis patients?

    Date:2018-01-20 17:17:09

    Hemodialysis is currently the most widely used renal replacement therapy in patients with renal failure, is a treatment to maintain patients life. Patients with maintenance hemodialysis often cause dialysis accidents due to improper home se...

  • Which edema is caused by kidney disease?

    Date:2018-01-18 16:32:58

    In addition, the most common symptom of nephropathy is edema and back pain. Apart from that, no matter where the edema is, the first triage of the patients in the triage area may involve the patients in the nephrology department. All this s...

  • What are the side effects of using hormones in patients with

    Date:2018-01-13 17:02:32

    Western medicine treatment of kidney disease, doctors often recommend that patients use hormone therapy, you use it? But hormones have some side effects. So what are the side effects of using hormones in patients with kidney disease? Lets s...

  • How to reduce the kidney damage caused by hypertension?

    Date:2018-01-11 11:00:26

    When we have high blood pressure, its already in the development of nephropathy, high blood pressure cause very large damage on the kidney. If there is no timely treatment will develop into hypertensive nephropathy. So how to reduce blood p...

  • Renal insufficiency staging symptoms

    Date:2018-01-09 17:20:28

    Renal insufficiency is caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular serious damage, disorder group of the body in the excretion of metabolic waste and adjust the water and electrolyte, acid-base balance and other aspects of the clinical sy...

  • Renal insufficiency can lead to what kind of discomfort symp

    Date:2018-01-09 17:18:17

    Kidney is an important metabolic organ of the human body. The main three functions of kidney are: to produce urine, the maintenance of the bodys acid-base balance and the regulation of endocrine function. Once kidney damaged it will cause g...

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