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Pay highly attention to the vomiting of renal insufficiency

2018-02-20 18:27

Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting is the major clinical symptoms of kidney disease, many renal insufficiency patients with such symptoms, the general nephrologist is only symptomatic treatment, although this treatment can reduce the complications, but can not stop renal pathological damage, blocking the process of renal fibrosis. Therefore, patients with renal insufficiency shows loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, the most urgent need for such a treatment: both to effectively alleviate the clinical symptoms, but also delay and control the progression of the disease.

In our hospital hospitalized renal insufficiency patients with micro-traditional Chinese medicine after the infiltration therapy, about 5-10 days (for inpidual illness severity, different types, some people may be quick or slower, vary) Obvious short-term efficacy, such as poisoning symptoms, appetite improved, nausea and vomiting disappeared, urine floc, renal function slowly improved.

Microbiological therapy of active substances in the treatment of renal insufficiency can effectively expand the digestive tract arteries, promote the effective circulation of the digestive tract increased, improve the gastrointestinal microcirculation disorders, thereby reducing the microcirculation caused by gastrointestinal mucosal edema and digestive juice secretion Lack of effective to enhance the patient's appetite, improve digestive function, promote toxins from the intestinal exclusion to protect damaged kidneys, effectively remove the high risk factors to accelerate kidney fibrosis, delayed the development of kidney disease.

Renal dysfunction complications are effectively controlled, in order to better repair the kidney tissue, restore the kidney function provides a strong body environment. At the same time micro-traditional Chinese medicine active substances into the body, will gradually degrade and apoptosis can not be reversed in the damaged kidney cells, to guide the lesion was completely removed (after treatment, the emergence of flocculation in urine is drug deposition in the kidney Cell immune complexes or apoptotic cells). At the same time micro-traditional Chinese medicine will restore the reconstruction of kidney tissue and function, only after repair of the kidney tissue has a strong resistance to disease, once the repair in place will not be attacked, the prognosis is not easy to relapse.

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