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Is proteinuria "+" mean nephritis?

2018-02-17 16:19

Most people know that one of the body signals of nephritis is proteinuria. In urine protein assay, the doctor will be judged according to the urine test results were positive or negative, more content of protein in the urine, "+" the more, the higher the possibility of suffering from kidney disease.

Urine routine examination mainly depends on two indicators, one is to see the protein, the two is to see the red blood cells. Normal urine routine examination results should be no protein, or trace, if the protein appears "+" number, you have to go to specialist clinic immediately.

When the protein content in urine is more than 0.15g/24h, such as urine protein > 150mg/d, it shows that the amount of urine protein excreted by human body increases significantly, and the urine routine can be identified as positive (+). Normal urine contains no or only traces of protein, and the results are negative (-). When the urine protein content increases to a certain amount, the test results are positive (+). The number of urinary albumin plus can determine the extent of kidney damage and the effect of kidney treatment, urinary protein continued positive, often indicating that the kidneys have lesions.

Is proteinuria "+" mean kidney disease?

1. the first step is to determine whether the "+" continue to appear, if by chance a check and found that the past can not explain this normal urine, kidney failure, need to be further diagnosed.

2. a "+" indicates the presence of glomerulonephritis or urinary tract infection. "+" may indicate nephritis or urinary tract inflammation, and the type of nephritis needs further confirmation of inpidual symptoms.

3. if only a small amount of protein in the urine, no hematuria, and no edema, hypertension, abnormal renal function, mostly mild, but still need regular urine.

People who have kidney disease will be very concerned about the urine protein has a few "+", in fact, the doctor also care about this. So, the more urine protein "+" number, the more serious the disease? In fact, this is not necessarily. Proteinuria is the most common sign of kidney disease, but the amount of urine protein does not necessarily reflect the severity of kidney lesions.

For example, when the urine protein is less, it is possible that the kidney lesions tend to improve, but it may also be because most of the glomerular fibrosis, can not filter the body's protein, which is the decline of renal function, deterioration of the performance.

Therefore, the severity of kidney damage can not be determined by proteinuria, but also combined with other symptoms of the body, renal function tests, especially renal biopsy and other examinations to comprehensive judgment.

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