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What kinds of exercise help kidney stones excretion?

2018-02-17 16:18

Experts said more limbs and jumping exercise are conducive to the discharge of kidney stones, these exercises include skipping, running, going up and down stairs, high jump, long jump project. If you can adhere to a certain amount of these daily exercises, kidney stones can get better treatment. The exercises in different parts of the kidney stones are also different, you can consult an expert.

Of course, patients with kidney stones should also be careful not to do too vigorous exercise. Excessive and large amounts of exercise can cause an increased burden on the kidneys, resulting in post-exercise hematuria and post-exercise proteinuria, with some damage to the kidneys; moreover, strenuous exercise can also induce kidney colic and increase pain, which is not conducive to the rehabilitation of kidney stones.

Patients with kidney stones are advised to consult your doctor before exercising, according to the doctor's instructions for exercise, to help discharge kidney stones, don’t take exercise privately, so as not to adversely affect the condition. If you still have any questions, you can consult our online specialists.

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