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What do you need to do to control albuminuria?

2018-02-15 16:33

Proteinuria is an early symptom of chronic kidney disease, which is characterized by a large number of small bubbles in the urine, and a short time is difficult to dissipate. If the urine protein urine routine examination showed "+" or multi"+" is positive, or more than 24 hour urinary protein quantitative 0.15g, showed that kidney damage occurred and to further examination.

Proteinuria as an independent influence factor of kidney disease, throughout the development process of the whole kidney. From the early stage of kidney disease to the uremic period, most of the patients have proteinuria. There are different manifestations of urinary protein in different pathological types of kidney disease.

If the positive treatment of albuminuria can be controlled or even returned to normal, three points should be paid attention to in the process of treatment.

The rational use of drugs. Drugs commonly used lower protein mainly has three kinds: corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents, there are two kinds of antihypertensive drugs. The first major anti-inflammatory effect, second is in the situation of proteinuria is serious, will use third kinds of antihypertensive drugs, Sartan and perindopril has reduced protein and protect renal function in stable blood pressure at the same time, can be in the doctor's arrangement of proper use. But nephropathy patients can not be unauthorized medication, drug abuse, to avoid exacerbations.

Control of blood pressure is stable. Hypertension is also an important factor affecting albuminuria. High blood pressure will further cause renal function decline, resulting in more and more protein leakage. The blood pressure of patients with nephropathy is best controlled at 130/80mmHg or below.

Low salt and low protein diet. Low salt diet can relieve the burden of kidney, help to play the role of lowering protein drugs, and the same high quality low protein diet can reduce the burden of renal excretion and avoid the aggravation of protein leakage.

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