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Patients with kidney disease should stay away from these foo

2018-02-08 17:13

The diet is the patients with kidney disease nephropathy each must face the topic, some patients need to eat food with some food, and kidney patients should stay away from try to eat, otherwise will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing more serious kidney disease. Today, we will introduce what food nephropathy patients should keep a distance.

Legume food: Generally speaking, it is very beneficial for people who have normal kidney function to eat some legumes properly. But generally speaking, soybean, bean, soybean, mung bean, red bean and those with beans as raw materials and processed bean curd, tofu, gluten, gluten, chicken and other foods, they are not only rich in nutrition, low fat content, and contain no cholesterol, containing protein than meat is still high, but as the plant protein, is the ideal age, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis dishes. But for the patients with renal insufficiency, a large number of protein diet can increase urinary protein excretion, aggravate the injury of renal function, so it is best to eat.

Bamboo shoots: bamboo shoots have some adverse effects on kidney health. This is because bamboo shoots are scared and sweet. It has a good effect of clearing away heat and removing water. But according to modern research, because there are a lot of bamboo shoots containing insoluble calcium oxalate, the chronic glomerulonephritis and renal insufficiency is adverse, so should not eat.

Water: water bamboo is a kind of food, we are very popular in life but with kidney disease commonly known as zucchini, people should pay attention to eat. According to modern research, containing oxalic acid and water insoluble calcium oxalate is more, it has some negative impact on the rehabilitation of patients with nephropathy.

These foods listed above, will give patients with nephropathy kidney impact, hinder the recovery of renal function, with varying degrees of reaction, so pay attention to diet nephropathy patients must be treated carefully, do not often eat. About kidney patients diet, it is best to ask their physician, eat according to their condition, if you have a kidney disease diet requires detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will be based on the actual condition gives the patient the most professional guidance.

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