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Nocturia Sudden increased results in nephropathy

2018-02-01 17:01

In our hospital patients, there are many young people in the medical examination or because of other diseases when the doctor was found suffering from uremia. Some of these people have been suffering from hypertension, but no symptoms, no treatment, no treatment, delay the disease; some are busy working for a long time, not the law of life, stay up late, overwork, overeating, less water, holding back, cold induced renal disease. Once diagnosed as uremia, dialysis treatment can only rely on expensive or even a kidney transplant to sustain life, regrettable.

Hypertension nephropathy patients have no obvious discomfort at the early stage, and the increase of nocturia is usually the typical manifestation. Increased nocturia is associated with chronic hypertension that causes impairment of the renal arterioles and dysfunction of urine in the tubules. These patients often urinate less than two or three times, more than five or six times. At this time, to the hospital for routine urine test, often can find microalbuminuria abnormalities, at this time prompted renal function has been slightly damaged, need to be treated.

Even without nocturia, high blood pressure patients should undergo at least one routine urinalysis every year, which is an effective way to detect hypertensive nephropathy early. Because the early manifestation of chronic kidney disease is not obvious, and one of the main functions of the kidney is generated and excretion of urine, the urine routine examination, observe the urine physicochemical properties of kidney work can be judged, found that the vast majority of nephropathy.

People with kidney disease with high blood pressure should pay attention to life:

①Diet should limit the intake of salt, and the patients with renal insufficiency also limit the intake of protein.

②When the kidney disease has been found, the application and choice of the medicine must be cautious. While reducing blood pressure, we should also protect the kidneys, which should be used under the guidance of doctors.

③For the first time found hypertension, should go to the hospital for examination, to understand whether or not kidney disease.

④Regular examination of urine, early detection of kidney disease. When the occurrence of urine with blood, foam, urination, nocturia, swelling of the eyelids and lower extremities, urine abnormalities, and so on, should go to the hospital as soon as possible, must not be sloppy.

⑤Rule of life, and develop good habits, should quit smoking, limit alcohol, eat less meat, eat more vegetables and fruits, proper exercise, avoid strenuous work.

See above, I hope you have an understanding of kidney disease, if appear the above symptoms, you must promptly to the hospital for examination, so as not to delay the disease the best treatment time, if you have questions about kidney disease, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible

If you have other kidney problems that can be viewed on other web pages, you can also consult online, or in your email,, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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