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Drinking tea can lead to kidney stones

2018-02-01 16:58

Drinking tea can cause kidney stones, many of my friends do not know the tea also contains stones forming material, often a large number of tea will increase the human body composition and oxalic acid, oxalic acid and calcium in food with calcium oxalate, calcium oxalate is the main composition of the stones.

In addition, because the human body acid acid and tea rich theophylline containing alkaline, if drink tea immediately after a meal, then not only will dilute the gastric acid secretion, but also inhibit gastric acid, affect the normal digestion to block acid protease. Some experts have done experiments have shown that if the tea after drinking 15 grams of tea brewing, it will reduce the amount of iron absorption of food about half. Moreover, if the concentration of tea is higher, the greater the harm to the body, the higher the possibility of stone formation. Therefore, tea must be moderate. Try not to drink strong tea, do not drink tea on an empty stomach.

Notes on drinking tea in patients with kidney stones

1. tea after cooling contains a large amount of oxalate, it will form small stones, and warm tea, leaching chemical composition is better than hot water. Therefore, it is better to make tea at 70 DEG C to 80 DEG C and drink it until the temperature drops to about 60 degrees celsius. Must not exceed 70 degrees, Chata will be hot throat, esophagus and stomach cause strong irritation, causing mucosal lesions. In addition, repeated brewing or brewing time is too long, tea polyphenols, vitamins and proteins oxidation degeneration, harmful microorganisms will also increase.

2. some people are accustomed to tea after the cold, heating water continues to drink, in this process, if not added tea, the oxalic acid content in tea will not change, so do not worry. But heating the water on the way, it is difficult to dissolve the nutrients in tea, and it is difficult to brew fragrance.

3. do not fasting  drink tea, otherwise there will be more absorption of oxalic acid into the body, the formation of stones relatively high probability. In particular, stone patients can drink water or lemonade to quench thirst, because lemon contains a lot of sodium citrate, can prevent kidney stones.

4. don't drink too much tea every day. Generally healthy adults drink 6 - 10 grams of tea 2 or 3 times a day. A large amount of physical labor, physical energy consumption, eating more greasy food, alcohol and tobacco content of large people, especially in the high temperature environment, or exposure to toxic substances more people, drink a little more every day, it does not matter.

The above is about drinking tea can cause kidney stones introduction, I hope you can understand, if you have a kidney disease knowledge requires a detailed understanding, you can consult our online expert, our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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