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Delay the development of kidney disease, nutrition treatment

2018-01-30 16:26

Everyone in different stages of their lives will have different goals, and for patients with kidney disease, delay the progress of kidney disease, is their small goal, suffering from kidney disease, people in addition to drug treatment, but also can not ignore that To be active nutrition treatment.

1, adequate energy intake: first of all to ensure adequate intake of energy, in order to ensure that intake of high quality protein can be fully utilized by the body, according to the standard height and weight to be 30kcal / kg / day.

2, limiting protein intake: 1-2 patients per kilogram of body weight 0.8-1.0 grams per day, 3-5 period before the per day of 0.6-0.4 grams per kilogram of body weight range and need to be under the guidance of a doctor to serve a- Keto acid drugs. No matter what time of kidney disease patients need to select the high physiological value of the protein to ensure that high-quality protein intake, such as eggs, milk, lean meat and so on.

3, a reasonable intake of vegetables, fruits: eat more fruits and vegetables beneficial to health, which we all know, but for patients with kidney disease, this argument is not necessarily scientific, if the normal urine output, anuria and renal failure, Renal insufficiency diet should eat more vegetables, fruits, to supply enough vitamins. If patients with reduced urine output, especially less than 500ml daily, then the selective use of vegetables and fruits. Fruits generally rich in potassium, and kidney disease in patients with oliguria, serum potassium levels were elevated, hyperkalemia, can lead to cardiac arrest, crisis of life.

4, limit the intake of salt: a reasonable limit of sodium intake is the treatment of kidney disease points. No matter what kind of kidney disease, must limit salt intake. When the edema is obvious, the daily limit should be less than 1g. Severe or even non-salt diet is required. The purpose of the low-salt diet is to reduce the water and sodium retention in the body so that the edema subsides and the blood pressure drops.

5, low-phosphorus diet: control of dietary phosphorus content of chronic kidney disease patients is very important. Patients with chronic renal failure often have elevated serum phosphorus, so limiting dietary phosphorus uptake is extremely important. Try to avoid eating phosphorus-rich foods such as yeast, whole grains, dried beans, nuts, seafood, animal offal, brain.

A good diet can help patients with kidney disease speed up rehabilitation. Therefore, patients actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, but also strive to do their own diet management in order to better help the treatment, but also can control the deterioration of the disease.

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