Can diabetic nephropathy patientsd eat spicy food?

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Can diabetic nephropathy patientsd eat spicy food?

2018-01-23 17:12

In our lives, there are a lot of people taste more heavy, especially like spicy food. Diabetic nephropathy patients also have a lot of like spicy food before was diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy, looking at the delicious spicy food, the patient stopped. So, can diabetic nephropathy patientsd eat spicy food? The following kidney disease experts to explain the problem for you.

Diabetes has become a relatively common chronic disease. Diabetic nephropathy, it is the most common diabetic complications is the most serious one. Can diabetic nephropathy patientsd eat spicy food? In patients with diabetic nephropathy, kidney friends should stop eating spicy and soothing food, but also should stop eating cold and light food, because kidney disease diet is high quality low-protein diet.

The so-called high-quality, milk protein is the best, followed by eggs, egg protein, fish protein, lean protein, and animal protein for the inferior protein, such as soy products, daily bread, rice contains protein, Should be tied to prevent growth of the kidneys.

Experts point out that patients do not eat on the kidney has a comfort effect of food, such as mustard, pepper, etc., or will increase the condition of the kidney. Diabetic nephropathy need to keep the total staple food in the 250 ~ 300g, vegetables can eat more. Although there are urine protein or urine bubble, but normal renal function, the best daily consumption of protein appropriate to relax, to 80 ~ 100g is appropriate.

In addition to these, the diet should also be a message of high calcium and low phosphorus, under normal circumstances high calcium things are often high phosphorus, like animal offal, ribs, shrimp, strong bones and the like, must be high phosphorus, should not eat.

Read the above introduction, we should be clear about whether diabetic nephropathy patientsd can eat spicy food, if you have questions about kidney disease need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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