Nephropathy Is Light Or Heavy, Should Be Judged!

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Nephropathy Is Light Or Heavy, Should Be Judged!

2017-12-14 16:27

As a kidney patient, he has to endure great pressure every day. He is afraid to develop kidney failure or uremia at any moment. He can't eat well and sleep well... But there is no time to go to the hospital to check, so he bought the urine test paper, and do some simple examination at home.

Kidney friends can actually judged by themself, mainly in the following aspects:

1, a good attitude

A lot of kidney friends may not understand, why do you put your mind first? We can't decide what kind of disease or pathological type we have, but there are many things we can do! For example: girls should do, when the condition is unstable, never pregnant; boys to do, do not smoke, work in routines. And do not take medicine indiscriminately, strengthen body constitution, prevent cold... These unimportant things are often more important than a kidney authority doctor or a three grade hospital!

2, proteinuria level

Proteinuria is the first index to judge the severity of the disease. The most important thing is to pay attention to the amount of urine protein. Proteinuria and hematuria are the most common symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Some people have only proteinuria. Some people have only hematuria, and some have both. Although many people feel that hematuria is terrible, but for the time being, for simple hematuria, the prognosis is still very good. Many patients in the treatment process, in fact, do not deliberately pursue protein turn to negative, in the course of treatment, good treatment effect, protein can maintain remission, less than 1g; some even better, remained at about 0.3g, this has put uremia down to a very low risk.

The level of urinary protein maintenance should be more important than the level of albuminuria at the onset of the disease. Regardless of the onset of proteinuria is 3G, 2G, or 1g, as long as it can be lowered and maintained at a low level, recovery is generally good.

3. Creatinine level at onset

If the level of creatinine changes slightly during the onset of the disease, the prognosis will be better. This has been demonstrated in various international studies. Have to admit: early detection means that kidney function has a great chance to maintain normal level. At this timely treatment is much better than when the creatinine has been found very high.

4, blood pressure

When the test comes out, we are aware of the + of the protein and the occult blood, but many people never pay attention to their blood pressure, it is an important predictor of ignored. At the onset of the disease, elevated blood pressure associated with kidney disease may present a more severe pathological change in the kidneys, suggesting that elevated blood pressure is indicative of the severity of the disease.

But many people may say, "according to the pressure rise, the condition is heavy, so to say, that does not have the hypertension nephrosis all to be heavy?" We're talking about kidney disease causing high blood pressure, not hypertension. If the blood pressure is high, then a smooth control of blood pressure is also an important protective measure to slow down the rate of kidney function.


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