The common urinary diseases caused by hematuria

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The common urinary diseases caused by hematuria

2017-10-18 16:00

Normally, there is no red blood cell in the urine. In medicine, the urine after centrifuged and examined by a microscope. If there are more than 5 red blood cells in each high field of vision, it is called hematuria. Then what are the common urinary diseases that cause hematuria?

1, prostate hyperplasia: irregular treatment, easily lead to traumatic bleeding

Hematuria is a common symptom of hyperplasia of the prostate gland. Most of them are characterized by the increase of the number of urination, the loss of urine and the shortening of the urinary tract, and sometimes the symptoms of hematuria. This is because the prostate gland increased, capillary congestion, expansion and distortion of the prostate surface mucosa, when subjected to bladder contraction or enlarged prostate stretch, the capillary will rupture, causing hematuria. The basic cause of hematuria in BPH patients is benign lesions of the complications. Hematuria is also the cause of urinary tract tumors in severe patients.

2, cystitis: urinate with blood should be vigilant

The vast majority of cystitis in the bladder mucosa epithelium, fast growth, easy surface ulceration, bleeding, so the most common symptoms of cystitis is hematuria without any feeling, the naked eye can see, this is a unique signal paruria of bladder cancer. Hematuria is the most frequent urination, and occurs only at the beginning or end of urination. Hematuria is often painless, intermittent, can reduce or stop itself, easily caused by the disease has been cured of the illusion. A small number of patients with bladder cancer can occur urination, urgency, dysuria and other symptoms, seems to be suffering from cystitis, but the use of antibiotics.

3, urinary infection: the treatment of renal hematuria should be timely

Renal hematuria refers to hematuria derived from the glomerulus, and clinically manifested as simple hematuria, or hematuria accompanied by proteinuria, which is common in patients with urinary infections. If the treatment is not complete, repeated attacks or mistreatment, mistreatment, the disease can not be effectively controlled, and ultimately lead to uremia. Shanghai Jiangdong Hospital experts pointed out: we must eliminate the cause of renal hematuria, because the glomerular basement membrane long-term lesions also lead to glomerular sclerosis, thereby causing kidney damage.

When the body is found discomfort or don't neglect have urinary tract disease, should to a regular hospital as soon as possible, so as not to lead to hematuria, aggravating illness, know more about the common cause of hematuria of urinary diseases, early know early prevention.

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