How Do You Know Kidney Problems From Daily urine

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How Do You Know Kidney Problems From Daily urine

2017-10-01 08:31

Kidney is closely related to urine, and the easiest way to find kidney problems in daily life is to observe urine. If your urine is abnormal, it may be the warning of your kidneys, and this should pay enough attention. So, how do you know kidney problems in your daily urine

1, bubble urine

Bubble urine is one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease. If the urine remains stationary for a period of time, there are still many foam, which may indicate excessive levels of protein in the urine. Protienuria, bubbly urine is common in glomerular disease and renal tubular disease, renal damage of hypertension and diabetic nephropathy.

2, urine occult blood

There is a clinical abnormal urine is occult blood. Generally founded in urine routine examination. Kidney specialist said, generally when there is occult blood, it is necessary to consider kidney problems or urinary tract infection. Sometimes taking some medicine, or vitamin B2, chicken, carrots and so on, also may appear false positive "occult blood ". So you need a further diagnosis, and consider whether you have kidney disease.

3, hematuria

Glomerulonephritis, urinary system infection, polycystic kidney and urinary system stones, tumors and trauma all can cause hematuria. Hematuria, some can be seen by the naked eye, and some can be found under the microscope, no matter what kind of hematuria, once found, should be further checked, clear the reasons.

The above is about "How Do You Know Kidney Problems From Daily urine", and I hope it can help you. If you find the above symptoms, please go to the hospital in time, so as not to worsen the disease and affect your health.

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