Foot bath helps to stay away from kidney disease

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Foot bath helps to stay away from kidney disease

2017-09-15 14:36

9 pm can be described as the best time to foot bath. Because at this time is the kidney by the blood when the more weak time, at this time foot bath, body heat increases, the body will expand blood vessels, is conducive to blood circulation, thereby promoting the body's blood circulation. At the same time, during the day the nerves of the day, as well as tired of the day the kidneys, can be through the foot bath at this time to be completely relaxed and adequate regulation, people will feel comfortable.

In addition, hot feet can not only play the role of Zishen Minggan, but also help improve the quality of sleep. So the foot bath, it is recommended no longer other activities, every few minutes to sleep, kidney effect better.

Foot bath helps to stay away from kidney disease

Illnesses and health, starting from the foot detoxification

1, blood circulation: through heat and medicine, speed up the speed of blood circulation, so that the body in a very short period of time to get up and down, activation of blood, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism.

2, Qushu cold: cold and damp is the source of all diseases, through the foot bath, the body of the cold and moisture excreted.

3, dredge the meridians: through the heat and medicine, speed up the blood circulation speed, take the feet to take medicine, direct physical lesions, open up the body meridian.

4, to reconcile the blood: through the heat and medicine, for blood and blood loss, blood non-tune the crowd, can play a reconcile qi and blood, qi and kidney effect.

5, anti-inflammatory sterilization: through the scriptures of the feet of the effective refinement of drug ingredients quickly penetrate the inflammatory site, strong sterilization, eliminate inflammation, help restore normal function.

6, Paiduyangyan: foot bath can be excluded from the body of toxins and garbage, purify the body environment, help to reconcile the blood, people ruddy, with beauty effect.

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