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Tongshantang hospital: Nephrotic syndrome diet

2017-08-09 10:56

We all know that nephrotic syndrome is a very serious kidney disease, but if there is no reasonable diet, and thus can not participate in a very good treatment, so that worsen the condition, but how to adjust the diet is very important, we may wish to learn together.
Many nephrotic syndrome lose number of protein, a large number of urine protein loss, resulting protein malnutrition, often accompanied by gastrointestinal mucosal edema and ascites, it will affect the digestion and absorption. Many patients will ask how the diet of kidney disease syndrome conditioning? Nephrotic syndrome patients diet must choose to eat digestible, light, semi-liquid food.
If the patient does not pay attention to diet, it will lead to other diseases, nephrotic syndrome patients almost all have hyperlipidemia, so patients with kidney disease should pay attention to limit the intake of animal fat, but also should pay attention to the diet to provide rich polyunsaturated Fatty acids (such as fish oil) or vegetable oil (soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil). Should pay attention to a high degree of edema to limit the intake of sodium, the daily intake of salt should be less than 3 grams, appropriate to add trace elements.
Especially the home care of the patient, only more understanding of the above nephrotic syndrome diet in order to better care for patients, if there is any need to consult , you can consult our online doctors.

Tongshantang hospital: Nephrotic syndrome diet
Tongshantang hospital: Nephrotic syndrome diet

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