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Tongshantang hospital:Kidney health tea

2017-08-03 11:25

Drinking tea is healthy, but drinking tea casually will hurt the body, then how to drinking tea is good for kidney? Let me give a look at that in the following.
1., drink less strong tea. Strong tea is not good for the kidney. It is easy to get kidney stones if you drink strong tea for a long time.
2., it is best to drink green tea, because green tea is good for the human body; especially has better effect in detoxification, anti-cancer. Has good effect in solution to the kidney toxin.
3., don't drink too much tea. After drinking tea people often go to the toilet, this is not because of the tea; drinking tea is like taking meals, do not overtake.
4., drink tea at fixed time. Drinking water in a short time, go to the toilet quickly, if you keep drinking like eating, develop the habit of drinking water at fixed time: drinking a cup of water when getting up on the morning, drink a cup of tea at 10 o’clock in the morning, drink a cup of tea at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, drink a cup of tea at 5 o’clock; drink a cup of water2 hours after dinner. Dilute the kidney toxin and clean the kidneys in time.
5., tea after exercise. After exercise, drink a cup of water (or tea) in order to replenish moisture, the total amount of water a day is 2000 ml which is good for the body and for the kidney.
Do not take tea frequently in a short time. Drinking too much tea will increase the burden on the kidneys and is very bad for kidney.

Tongshantang hospital:Kidney health tea
Tongshantang hospital:Kidney health tea

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