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Tongshantang hospital: Healthy kidney tips

2017-08-03 10:55

The kidneys are like the "water purifier" of the body, filtering and cleaning up to 200 liters of blood a day, leaving useful things in the blood and allowing the waste to drain out of the body. At the same time, the kidney is also known as the factory. It produces many hormones related to human endocrine and metabolism. It helps to regulate blood pressure, maintain bone function and produce red blood cells. The kidney, though is powerful, is a fragile organ. Survey shows that the incidence of chronic kidney disease in China increased year by year, every 10 people in the city have one patients, therefore, we should always pay attention to kidney health, pay attention to "maintenance" signal it issued. 
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is innate, is the place for essence, in charge of human growth and development, reproduction and other physiological functions, with relatively wide scope and meaning; we often hear the "kidney deficiency" which belongs to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. The concept of kidney in western medicine refers to a pair of broad and fist sized organs located on both sides of the spine. Because of the different concepts, kidney health standards are different. In traditional Chinese medicine, the following 5 criteria suggest that your kidneys are healthy.
Clear hearing. Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine Xiyuan Hospital professor Li Yuehua pointed out that, in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, ear hearing function is closely related to the rise and fall of kidney, when kidney is good the hearing is good. Conversely, when tinnitus, upset, hearing loss symptoms appeared, people can consider kidney yin deficiency.
The skin has luster. Professor of Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine Yang Li told that when the kidney is good, people can keep youth, anti-aging. Kidney is bad, people tend to appear old, the skin will become dull, skin color will change, black eyes, bags under the eyes are obvious.
Hair black. Kidney store essence, it function is reflected in the hair, the hair nutrition is from the blood, but its vitality is still in the kidney, when kidney is bad, the hair will change white early, lost luster, and hair loss.
Strong bones. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is nourishing bone, the bones are nourished by the kidney essence, and when the kidneys are good, the bones are good. The decline of Kidney Qi will lead to osteoporosis, backache and even loosening of the teeth.
Good memory. The kidney essence also nurses the brain. Therefore, kidney failure patients may forget things, unresponsive and so on.
In terms of Western medicine, the abnormal kidney is directly linked with nephritis, kidney stones, kidney failure and other diseases, and may even endanger life. The following four tips can be used to determine the health of the kidneys.
Clear urine and little foam. Hospital Professor Zhang Youkang: if the urine bubble become more suddenly, long time does not disappear, indicating urine protein excretion is more; if urine color is abnormal, dark brown, the color or opacity or soy sauce or like rice water, people should pay attention to those. In addition, the symptoms of urination pain and can not holding up urination can be observed in time.
The body is not swollen when get up in the morning. The kidney is the organ that the body metabolize water, and when the kidney is not good and the water will accumulate. Capital Medical University Xuanwu hospital deputy director of the Department of Nephrology physician Fu Wenjing remind, if eyelid edema appeared when getting up on morning, or feet, legs swelling, should consider the kidney problem.
Energetic. When the renal function got problem, waste residue in the body can not be excreted from the urine, there will be dizziness, fatigue, dull feeling.
Normotensive. Impaired kidney function can cause symptoms of elevated blood pressure, which can worsen kidney damage. "Once hypertensive patients have increased nocturia, diabetic patients with proteinuria or edema of the lower extremities, the kidneys have been damaged," Fu Wenjing said, "normal people occasionally suffer from fatigue, do not worry, may get improved by adjusting sleep, but if this symptom lasts for at least a week, patients must go to the hospital for examination.".
Experts also warned that protecting the kidneys should begin with lifestyle and avoid the following bad habits.
Eat salty. Zhang Youkang pointed out that 95% of the salt in the diet is taking metabolism in the kidneys, too much salt intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in elevated blood pressure, which lead to kidney disease.
Often hold back urine. Fu Wenjing told that urine in the bladder for a long time, will multiply bacteria, bacteria retrograde through the ureter to the kidney, leading to urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis. Once the inflammation is repeated, it can impair kidney function.
Take too much meat and fish, drink beer. Eating too much protein food can cause excessive uric acid and urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes, which aggravates the burden on the kidneys. Heavy drinking can lead to hyperuricemia, which can lead to metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and lead to kidney disease.
Drinking less water. If you do not drink water for a long time, the amount of urine will be reduced, the concentration of waste and toxins in urine will increase, and this lead to kidney stones, etc., it is recommended to drink at least 1200~1500 milliliters per day. 
To keep the kidney away from injury, in addition to stopping the bad habits above, but also to maintain a good life. Kidney problems are more common in people with high blood pressure and diabetes. It's important to control blood sugar and blood pressure. In addition, the daily health care of the kidney is also very important. The India Times recommends 6 kinds of food for the kidney: red pepper, egg white, broccoli, cabbage, fish and blueberry juice, and you can eat more of them.

Tongshantang hospital: Healthy kidney tips
Tongshantang hospital: Healthy kidney tips

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