Principle of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: exer

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Principle of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: exer

2017-07-24 15:39

Kidney stones can not be ignored; if the disease can not get timely and effective treatment, it will induce other diseases. Experts said, patients should adhere to two principles, not only helps to discharge stones, but also to prevent recurrence of kidney stones.
Principle 1 of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: exercise
Moderate exercise can promote the movement of organs in the body, and promote the removal of small stones; due to different parts of the stones, the movement is also different. In the discharging process of the kidney stones, doctors will ask patients to do vertical jumping movement up and down which contributes to kidney stone removal; and for stones in lower calyx, patients should take inverted movement; make the kidney stone upward, gradually moved out of kidney.
The expert reminds, once notice kidney stones, patients still should ask a specialist for treatment in time, according to the size, place, composition of kidney stone to choose the most appropriate treatment means. Even in the conservative treatment or daily health care, if feeling discomfort, should also get timely medical treatment, so as to avoid secondary obstruction, infection, hematuria, etc., and serious cases may endanger life.
Principle 2 of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: drinking water
Drinking a large number of water is the requirement that doctors tell each kidney stone patients; but what is the large number? In fact, there is not a fixed standard for the amount of water, mainly based on the amount of urine; to ensure that the daily urine volume is about 2000 ml.. For patients doing a large amount of exercise or sweating much, their drinking water is more than the average person. In particular, in summer and in night, in order to avoid excessive concentration of urine during the night, patients must drink water before going to bed, and drink water again at midnight. Make daily urine more than 2000 milliliters, can dilute the urine, reduce crystal precipitation, rinse urinary tract and discharge tiny kidney stone.
Warm tip: do not underestimate this disease, the notion that do not have time or feel that it is not serious is wrong. Timely medical treatment and standardized treatment should be adopted.

Principle of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: exercise + drinking water
Principle of prevention and treatment of kidney stones: exercise + drinking water

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