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Tongshantang: overdose drugs can lead to kidney failure

2017-06-29 14:06

Case: Zhu, 23 year old, from Guangxi, college student, for a week of diarrhea, just near the school to the drugstore to buy some anti-inflammatory drugs (cephalosporins), results after found their urine suddenly become less, to prompt the local hospital inspection results: creatinine 491, the doctor says is acute renal failure.
In clinical admissions, it was observed that many patients in hospital suffer from acute renal failure due to excessive use of inappropriate drugs.
For example, some patients take a bunch of anti - inflammatory drugs immediately after a cold, or take a variety of cold medications at once, which is dangerous. Guangzhou best nephropathy hospital of Southern Medical University Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine specialist experts remind: if you suffer from certain diseases, must do the examination, diagnosis, to avoid excessive use of drugs, likely toxicity, drug concentration in urine will be further increased, causing direct toxicity to renal tubular cells.
"Excessive inappropriate use of drugs has become an acute renal failure can not be ignored. Patients with acute renal failure from the onset of disease are showing an aging trend." To prevent acute renal failure, we should grab the acute renal failure from the medicine. The etiology can be divided into 3 kinds: pre - renal, renal and post - renal. Among them, renal failure caused by gentamicin, streptomycin and other drugs, but also caused by pesticides, heavy metals and so on.
Western Medical University Hospital with specialist Dr. Feng reminder: when purchase non prescription drugs, must carefully read the instructions, medication should be prescribed dosage, contraindications and other issues, avoid to use with other nephrotoxic drugs. Links: the most damaging kidney drugs: aminoglycosides, such as gentamicin, kanamycin and so on.
Quinolones: such as norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin and so on.
Sulfonamides: such as sulfamethoxazole.
Contrast agents: hypertonic contrast agents can exacerbate renal ischemia and can also be toxic to the kidneys. At the same time, because contrast agents are allergens, they can cause systemic allergic reactions and involve the kidneys.
Contains aristolochic acid ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine: such as Aristolochia, Guan Mutong, the goddess vine, Aoki incense, Canton nut, looking for bone wind, etc.. In addition, Tripterygium wilfordii, mountain arrowhead, Ma mulberry, kaladana, Xanthium, poppy, aconite root, Gastrodia elata, La Meigen, Quisqualis, motherwort, plumbagin and Sterculia have renal toxicity.

Tongshantang: overdose drugs can lead to kidney failure
Tongshantang: overdose drugs can lead to kidney failure

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