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Suffering from urinary incontinence female white-collar emba

2017-06-24 14:20

In a bank work, Ms. Zhang, 42 years old, she gave birth to two children. Usually her personality easy and forthright, colleagues in the office can often hear her hearty laughter. But recently my colleagues found that she was suddenly silent, the original she just laughed, urine can not help but leak, especially when there are colds, as long as the cough had to change underwear, bitter remark.

According to the symptoms to determine Ms. Zhang is likely to suffer from "stress urinary incontinence." Stress urinary incontinence is the highest incidence of a type of urinary incontinence, the vast majority occurred in women. This is a urinary incontinence that occurs when coughing, sneezing, walking, standing, or running, such as increased abdominal pressure, but the patient's bladder is not filled with urine. The main cause of the disease is due to childbirth injury. Fetal delivery through the vagina, due to excessive expansion of the vagina, the inevitable more or less damage to the vagina and pelvic support organization. Especially the fetus is too large, fetal position is not correct, pelvic stenosis, dystocia surgery caused by pelvic floor tissue injury in women, the situation is particularly serious. When the transmission damage to support the urethra and bladder support organization, will inevitably change the urethra, bladder physiological location, thus affecting the urethral sphincter and bladder neck control of urine capacity, leading to stress urinary incontinence.

In addition, there are no fertile women in the menopause will occur before and after urinary incontinence, mainly due to their ovarian dysfunction, leading to reduced ovarian hormone secretion, so that support the bladder, urethral pelvic tissue tension weakened, or reduced blood supply, Resulting in decreased ability to control the urine. When the abdominal pressure spread to the bladder, causing increased pressure inside the bladder, urine is not controlled by the overflow. There are a small number of men due to prostate surgery, urethral sphincter by incomplete injury, causing stress urinary incontinence.

Suffering from urinary incontinence female white-collar embarrassment unspeakable

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