This hospital saved my son’s life

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This hospital saved my son’s life

2017-04-05 14:55

This hospital saved my son’s life

  Andrew is a eight year old boy who comes from America. His father and mother love him very much and they hope Andrew can have a happy future. But one day, a bad thing happen.

  One day, Andrew had a lot of measles throughout his body. His parents bought some anti-inflammatory drug and put them on his skin. However, after one month, the measles still exist and and his body began to edema. Andrew felt so itching and scratch his skin strongly. His mother and father feel so sad that they are so worried.

  Andrew's parents take him to a small hospital to see the doctor. But the doctors are so stupid and they do not know the reason as well. They think it may be infection. So Andrew have to have wrong medicine everyday.

  After about one month, Andrew still get edema and it become more serious. They don't know how to do and they are so worried everyday.

  Until one day, one of their neighbor said they may take Andrew to have a physical check about kidney. Because many kidney disease have the symptom of edema. The family have no idea and they have to go to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease.

  The doctors in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease are so well. They are very patients and they make a careful check for Andrew. However, the result is shocked. Andrew has get hydremic nephritis.

  It is fortunate that Andrew go to this hospital early and he did not have wrong medicine for a long time. Then experts in this hospital make a perfect treatment plan. Under the doctors patient nursing, Andrew get well soon only in two weeks. All of his family are so happy and they thank their doctors very much.

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