Drinking too much can cause acute renal failure

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Drinking too much can cause acute renal failure

2017-04-05 14:56

Drinking too much can cause acute renal failure

  Bill, twenty two years old, is a aspiring teenager. He always go to restaurants to drink with friend on business. His capacity for liquor is good and the manager appreciate him much.

  One day, after he drinks with his client,his friend, Mr.john, phone him to have a drink outside. Since they are good friends for many years, and there are also a few of people who are relative close to him. Bill has no idea and he agreed.

  During meal, Bill’friends hear bill can drink a lot of wine once a time and they do not believe. They ask Bill have a drink. However, Bill have already drink a lot before this meal. He refused,but his friends become unhappy. They said if Bill do not drink, he will not their good friend. Bill have no idea and he say, let’s have a bet,we have a match for drinking, the one who can drink most is winner. On the contrary, the one who drink leat is loser, and the loser must pay the bill.

  Bill drinks ceaselessly.suddenly, he fell down. All of his friend are so fear and they send Bill to hospital quickly. In the hospital, the doctor said Bill has get renal failure which is caused by alcoholism. Fortunately,he was sent there timely and he has no life danger.

  Since the doctor’perfect performance, Bill get away from danger. But the doctor told him he must drink no wine any more. Bill are so regretted and he decided to keep on a good diet.

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