A recovery story of polycystic kidney patients

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A recovery story of polycystic kidney patients

2017-04-05 14:56

A recovery story of polycystic kidney patients

  Polycystic kidney can really cured. Now please look at this real stroy. Mr.Steven is an America man and his sister has diagnosed getting polycystic kidney. Mr.Steven hear other people say polycystic kidney is a genetic disease, then he always feel not well. He have a stomachache often and he feel so afraid. So he went to several hospitals in nis country but doctors said there are nothing wrong with him. But he still feel bad.

  One day when he was on line, he found a hospital of China, which called Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, is well evaluated in China even in other countries. So, Mr.Steven went to this hospital immediately. After he went to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, doctors gave him a physical check patiently.

  As excepted, he was diagnosed get polycystic kidney. Then he stay in this hospital timely. Since the disease have been found early, it is easy to be cured.

  Quickly, Mr.Steven became well.

  The doctors and nursers there are so good. Especially doctor Zheng Falei, he is so patient to Mr.Steven. He go to the sickroom to see patients everyday and explain patients' illness in patience。

  After one month, he receive a check again, the result are so amazing. His disease are treated well. They are so happy and they thank the doctors very much.

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