How to diagnose chronic nephritis?

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How to diagnose chronic nephritis?

2017-05-11 19:07

Chronic glomerulonephritis is a glomerular disease caused by a variety of pathogenic factors. Chronic nephritis develops slowly, often in the early absence of obvious symptoms. But when people find that they have chronic nephritis, the kidney may have been damaged and the renal function is lost. Therefore, the early diagnosis of chronic nephritis, to protect their remaining kidney tissue is very important. So how do you diagnose chronic nephritis?

Due to the development of chronic nephritis, people have obvious edema, fatigue, high blood pressure, foam urine and nocturnal urinary frequency and other symptoms. If they have these symptoms then the user can diagnose chronic nephritis. But it is often inaccurate because other kidney diseases may also have these symptoms. Therefore, they must have some other accurate diagnosis, such as medical examinations.
Diagnosis of chronic nephritis in medical nipples

blood test   In general, changes in the blood in the early stages of chronic nephritis, it is unclear. But when serum creatinine increases blood urea nitrogen, which means a serious decline in renal function. Thus, by measuring the serum creatinine of urea nitrogen, one can know the state of their kidneys.

Urine routine   For patients with chronic nephritis, they may have excessive protein and erythrocyte urine in urine tests to test whether they are proteinuria or hematuria in.

Renal biopsy   This test is to verify whether kidney disease is chronic nephritis. When kidney disease is not confirmed, renal biopsy is usually recommended.

Through the diagnosis of chronic nephritis, we know that chronic nephritis is not an independent kidney disease and may be associated with other kidney diseases. People should pay more attention to it. Early prevention and diagnosis can help people treat disease.

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