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Kidney stones in traditional Chinese medicine treatment

2017-04-30 13:38

Wang, male, 42 years old, head of a force in Beijing. First date: September 12, 1978. Interrogation: complained of lower abdominal pain, blood in the urine of 2 months. Two months, right lower abdominal pain, often hematuria. Usually check the urine with a microscope, red blood cells full of vision, serious when the naked eye can see hematuria. Once in the hospital by X ray urography detailed examination, no organic disease, shooting X ray kub was found in urinary tract stones, later still with hematuria of unknown origin discharge. After discharge, listen to people say that they have to suspect the possibility of cancerous lesions, so try to find out the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. The sense of right lower abdominal pain, weight, waist and abdomen slight discomfort, when micturition urethral discomfort, but not pain, urine red color, stool is adjustable. Inspection: the physical development is good, good nutrition, with anxious expressions. The thin white fur, but with the tongue. Voice: no abnormal. Palpation: head, neck, chest and limbs showed no abnormalities. Small abdominal muscles of liver and spleen, right lower than the left side slightly UPS, as the left soft, no tenderness and mass. No waist pain. Pulse string slide: hands are slightly thin. Diagnosis: four diagnostic methods, diagnosis of liver qi stagnation, wet storage bladder syndrome. Methods: Liver Qi dampness, urgency, accompanied by kidney, bleeding. Recipe: Shaoyaogancao Decoction and Tiantai Wuyao san. Recipe: white peony root 15 g, 6 g and 12 g Zhigancao, Radix Linderae, Kawa Ko 12 g, 5 g fried fried fennel, orange nucleus 9 g, Poria 12 g, Alisma 10 g, 15 g 12 carbon Jinqiancao, Phellodendron g, Thistle charcoal 21 g, total carbon 21 G. Decoction, 6 dose. Reduce the symptoms after medication. In this unit urine also improved, urine red blood cells 30 ~ 40 / vision. But her pain, like a gas attack. The thin white fur, pulse is still small. Top and top. Peony 15 g, 6 g and 9 g Zhigancao, Radix Linderae, Kawa Ko 12 g, 5 g fried fried fennel, orange nucleus 9 g, l.japonicum 12 g, 9 g 15 g chicken, moneywort, Thistle charcoal 21 g 15 g, total carbon, cypress charcoal 9 G. Decoction, 6 dose. Traditional Chinese medicine has been taken 12 agents, the original symptoms have disappeared, the right lower abdominal muscle is soft. Although sometimes urine red color, but the mirror has been significantly improved. But in urination, feel less abdominal pain, such as gas channeling pain, not found in the urine stones. The thin white fur, pulse. The front (plus or minus minus Qi set, aggravating kidney stasis and sliding orifices, Tonglin goods). Total carbon 30 g, 15 g, 10 g, malvae, Herba Dianthi 12 g, 10 g, 12 g Alisma, Fuling, Jinqiancao 15 g, 12 g 9 yuan, Scutellaria g, cypress Carbon 15 g, 25 g carbon thistle. Decoction, 6 dose. October 21st received a letter from the patient, said: 6 doses of medicine in the end of the year in October 2nd. During the last 6 doses of the drug, there are significant changes, first, the number of radiation abdominal pain increased, and sometimes I days from the pain of. Two is the growth of each pain when asked by the past half an hour, increased to 4 ~ 5 hours. During this period, according to your instructions, drink plenty of water, jump. In October 15th, a piece of stone by the urethra size. I'm wild with joy. After 4 days of continuous urine examination, and no red blood cells". In early November, the patient personally delivered urinary stones l block, like a small nuclear red dates, its color is brown and yellow. And said to have to work. Follow up: at the beginning of December, has been able to participate in the work mission.


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