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  • Pay highly attention to the vomiting of renal insufficiency

    Date:2018-02-20 18:27:28

    Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting is the major clinical symptoms of kidney disease, many renal insufficiency patients with such symptoms, the general nephrologist is only symptomatic treatment, although this treatment can reduce the compli...

  • Is proteinuria "+" mean nephritis?

    Date:2018-02-17 16:19:54

    Most people know that one of the body signals of nephritis is proteinuria. In urine protein assay, the doctor will be judged according to the urine test results were positive or negative, more content of protein in the urine, + the more, th...

  • What kinds of exercise help kidney stones excretion?

    Date:2018-02-17 16:18:36

    Experts said more limbs and jumping exercise are conducive to the discharge of kidney stones, these exercises include skipping, running, going up and down stairs, high jump, long jump project. If you can adhere to a certain amount of these...

  • What do you need to do to control albuminuria?

    Date:2018-02-15 16:33:54

    Proteinuria is an early symptom of chronic kidney disease, which is characterized by a large number of small bubbles in the urine, and a short time is difficult to dissipate. If the urine protein urine routine examination showed + or multi+...

  • What is the kidney occult blood

    Date:2018-02-08 17:15:41

    In our daily life, it is inevitable that people will rub shoulders with some diseases. If they do not pay attention, they may lead to the arrival of certain diseases. For patients, it is possible to face diseases that are less dangerous, su...

  • Patients with kidney disease should stay away from these foo

    Date:2018-02-08 17:13:12

    The diet is the patients with kidney disease nephropathy each must face the topic, some patients need to eat food with some food, and kidney patients should stay away from try to eat, otherwise will increase the burden on the kidneys, causi...

  • What symptoms does kidney disease patien’s have in addition

    Date:2018-02-06 17:13:24

    For the understanding of kidney disease symptoms, many people feel that as long as it is swollen, it is kidney disease. The idea is too limited. Edema is the most basic symptom of kidney disease, but it can also be caused by other condition...

  • The harm of uric acid in nephropathy

    Date:2018-02-06 17:12:13

    It is understood that the uric acid value in the human body is generally fixed, and if the uric acid value appears to be high, it may indicate that it has developed into nephropathy, which is extremely harmful to the patients body. What is...

  • Nocturia Sudden increased results in nephropathy

    Date:2018-02-01 17:01:00

    In our hospital patients, there are many young people in the medical examination or because of other diseases when the doctor was found suffering from uremia. Some of these people have been suffering from hypertension, but no symptoms, no t...

  • Drinking tea can lead to kidney stones

    Date:2018-02-01 16:58:27

    Drinking tea can cause kidney stones, many of my friends do not know the tea also contains stones forming material, often a large number of tea will increase the human body composition and oxalic acid, oxalic acid and calcium in food with c...

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