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  • How chronic kidney failure patients take diet can they achie

    Date:2017-07-25 17:06:54

    The person should not besurprised when finding this disease;chronic renal failure brings great influencetothe patients body;if getting no timely treatment and care it may even endangerthe life; patientsshould control their condition activel...

  • What fruit can acute nephritis patients eat?

    Date:2017-07-25 17:01:59

    Nowacute nephritis patients arecommon;acute nephritis bringsa lot of influence to their life, and itadverse to their health;the diet is also very important for patients with acute nephritis, eatingsome fruit is also very beneficial to their...

  • Tongshantang hospital expert: What is glomerulonephritis?

    Date:2017-07-24 15:48:51

    Glomerulonephritis is an allergic inflammation characterized by glomerular damage, which is a relatively common disease. The main clinical manifestations of glomerulonephritis are proteinuria, hematuria, edema and hypertension. Because of t...

  • What are the measures to prevent kidney stones?

    Date:2017-07-23 14:54:15

    What are the measures to prevent kidney stones? Early treatment is better than early detection, early detection is better than early prevention, for kidney stones, we not only early detection, but also early prevention. Let us go below to se...

  • Early signs of kidney stones

    Date:2017-07-23 14:47:17

    Renal calculus Kidney stones (renal calculi) is a crystalline substance (such as calcium, oxalate, uric acid and cystine) and organic matrix (such as matrix A, acid mucopolysaccharide) in the kidney caused by abnormal accumulation, as a comm...

  • How does kidney patients treat themselves

    Date:2017-07-23 14:22:52

    Chinese medicine believed that the deficiency of the body Qi is the basic cause of the onset of kidney disease. The main reason for the lack of physical fitness is the diet is not control, living disorders and excessive exertions caused by...

  • Fruit nourishing for chronic kidney failure

    Date:2017-07-22 09:46:47

    As we all know, diet is closely related to the physical condition of every one of us. People with chronic renal failure should pay more attention to diet. How can those patients with chronic renal failure eat fruits ? Next, lets take a look...

  • How nourishing kidney in daily life?

    Date:2017-07-22 09:44:27

    1. solid grip : the thumb in palm, finger ring finger is located fourth finger root, then the remaining four fingers slightly forced flexion, the thumb grip. Hold firmly can stick to the essence of God in the body, usually walking, riding,...

  • Tongshantang: why is anemia in patients with kidney disease?

    Date:2017-06-30 11:07:33

    About a quarter of the worlds people, that is, about 1.7 billion people will have varying degrees of anemia, including iron deficiency anemia up to 1 billion people. In the treatment of kidney disease, anemia is also a doctor and patients a...

  • Experts: what are the complications of long-term dialysis?

    Date:2017-06-29 14:10:23

    What are the complications of chronic dialysis in chronic kidney disease patients?Chronic renal failure can cause dysfunction in many organs of the body. First of all, the decline of kidney function can cause edema, hypertension and other p...

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