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  • Criteria for recurrence of nephrotic syndrome

    Date:2017-08-04 17:26:29

    Nephrotic syndrome is a syndrome characterized by massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia, and severe edema. Its etiology is unknown and is related to infection, autoimmune abnormalities, genetic basis and other factors. So wha...

  • Frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome

    Date:2017-08-04 17:17:54

    You should have heard of nephrotic syndrome; it will bring harm and influence to the patients body and life; if you miss the best treatment time, the disesase may cause more serious consequences, at present, the diagnosis of nephrotic syndr...

  • Will nephrotic syndrome cause acute attack?

    Date:2017-08-04 17:15:01

    Acute renal failure is a common disease, usually means kidney damage caused by acute poisoning of heavy metal or drugs and plague; the disease was divided into pre renal and post renal and renal parenchyma; for this disease, it usually take...

  • What are the symptoms of late stage nephrotic syndrome?

    Date:2017-08-04 17:11:11

    What nephrotic syndrome looks like? Nephrotic syndrome, actually means the increased glomerular permeability, making loss of a lot of nutrients, such as protein and other material, and causing edema symptoms; some patients in the early time...

  • Does kidney stone patient have to fast spinach?

    Date:2017-07-31 11:52:14

    The formation of kidney stones and diet structure and habits are closely related, improper diet leading to kidney stones, the concept has long been popular. Patients with kidney stones face the diet problems, it is difficult to be scared, m...

  • Does kidney stone have an effect on pregnancy?

    Date:2017-07-31 11:50:39

    Kidney stones can do pregnancy , kidney stones currently is one of the more common disease, seriously affecting the health of patients, and for women, or more concerned about the stones can be pregnant this problem, we are also very concern...

  • Tongshantang hospital expert:How to check the uremia

    Date:2017-07-30 16:41:37

    If long time not treat uremia, the negative impact of which is relatively large, so the treatment of uremia patients should actively seek ways, for this problem that how to check the uremia , here I come to introduce you. First: the examina...

  • Why nephritis is a potentially serious kidney disease?

    Date:2017-07-26 15:48:56

    Nephritis is a potentially serious kidney disease. Is nephritis serious? Why nephritis is a latent disease? I think we dont know the reason yet! Let tongshantang experts introducefor us! Nephritis is the abbreviation of glomerulonephritis,...

  • How to care uremia patients diet after dialysis?

    Date:2017-07-26 15:45:49

    Uremia patient after dialysis diet should also pay attention to, uremia, how to caredialysispatient? Next we will please tongshantang experts for our guidance about how to care for it after hemodialysis ! Dialysis will lose a small amount o...

  • What are the serious complications of nephrotic syndrome?

    Date:2017-07-25 17:16:34

    Nephrotic syndrome is divided into primary nephrotic syndrome and secondary nephrotic syndrome, the majority of secondary nephrotic syndrome.Thereare manycomplicationsofnephrotic syndrome, if not properly treated, will lead to the occurrenc...

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