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  • Can nephritis be hereditary?

    Date:2017-08-10 18:41:53

    Kidney is an important organ of the human body, the quality of the kidney is related to peoples health is good or bad; and many patients with nephritis will worry about nephritis in the end will not be inherited, so the delay in the birth o...

  • Can lupus kidney uremia still be reversed?

    Date:2017-08-10 18:34:49

    Uremia is not a terminal illness, do the greatest effort to seize the opportunity to pay close attention to treatment or hope to reverse. There was a female lupus nephropathy uremic patients, when she was married for 3 years, just made a mo...

  • What should kidney disease patients eat? A low protein diet

    Date:2017-08-10 18:22:18

    For patients with chronic kidney disease, the specific symptoms of kidney disease is proteinuria. As the protein-converted ammonia in the kidney metabolism of urea, so its excessive intake will cause kidney burden. However, if lack of intak...

  • Nephrotic patients with serious urine protein, occult blood

    Date:2017-08-10 18:17:22

    When persistent proteinuria occurs, often means that the kidney is a sign of certain kidney disease, especially with occult blood, it should cause peoples attention, of course, which does not include physiological proteinuria and other temp...

  • What are the symptoms of bad kidney in men?

    Date:2017-08-08 11:47:14

    1. renal symptoms and edema in males. After getting up in the morning, eyelid or facial edema, afternoon more subsided, tired after aggravating, after the rest to reduce. Severe edema can occur on both sides of the ankle, lower extremities,...

  • The same protein,occult blood clearance,serum creatinine dec

    Date:2017-08-08 11:20:02

    As far as chronic kidney disease (CKD) is concerned, the disease is complex and varied. The condition of each patient is different, and the treatment plan is also different. When you have been treated for some time, if the condition has bee...

  • What is the risk of overnight rice on kidney?

    Date:2017-08-07 17:48:04

    With the improvement of peoples living standards,people have a more and more better diet. But speak about diet, fewpeople can eat too much, so the leftover food is a lot, butifthrow it awayits a pity, this time we should pay attention, beca...

  • Simple hematuria, really do not need to take medicine?

    Date:2017-08-07 10:45:18

    Hematuria. For many patients with nephropathy, basically are based on their occult blood plus hematuria, but renal physicians are generally not so can see! They focused on microscopic red blood cell count, with more than 3 /HP cells indicat...

  • Got kidney disease, how to eat and drink?

    Date:2017-08-07 10:41:53

    Eating right is important for all people with chronic kidney disease. Food and drink can help slow down the development of chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease patients should not only pay attention to the drug treatment of kidney disease...

  • How does albuminuria patient eliminate oedema? These four th

    Date:2017-08-07 10:26:47

    Edema, in simple terms, refers to the excess fluid in the body. It runs outside the blood vessel, the body tissues of the skin, and keeps the tissues and organs of the body large and swollen from the outside. Edema is mainly distributed in...

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