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  • How should we do if seeing blood in the urine?

    Date:2017-10-10 11:34:09

    There are many causes of hematuria, and it can be roughly classified into four groups according to the Hematuria can be seen with the naked eye: 1.The urinary system disease, infection by itself: the urinary system such as pyelonephritis, c...

  • Why there will be blood in the urine after exercise

    Date:2017-10-09 14:54:24

    After exercise when urinating sometimes appear hematuria, go to the hospital after the examination are all normal, but always worried that whetherhidden disease did not check out? In fact, after exercise, there will be blood in the urine is...

  • Is it true that smoking hurts the kidney?

    Date:2017-09-02 16:25:41

    As is known to all, smoking is harmful to health, especially to the lung. But in recent years, smoking and injuring the kidney have been unknowingly spread. Is it true that smoking hurts the kidney? Smoking, injuring the kidney is true, and...

  • Kidney damage due to exercise

    Date:2017-09-02 16:12:54

    The day before, Jiaozhou city residents especially the ladies to lose weight in the gym fitness crazy, crazy ride bike for 20 minutes after go home and find my urine color of soy sauce, this especially frightened lady, to the hospital for a...

  • Sixty elderly movement is flustered shortness of breath, tur

    Date:2017-09-02 16:09:58

    Just walk a flustered shortness of breath, the 65 year old Uncle Xu (a pseudonym) did not expect the 65 year old old himself so completely, under the urging of his family to go to the hospital after Uncle Xu from the doctor mouth that the k...

  • The long-term survival rate of renal transplantation in chil

    Date:2017-09-02 16:01:45

    Renal transplantation is more prominent than dialysis treatment, and long-term survival rate is higher in children than in adults Renal transplantation is an alternative therapy of end-stage renal disease the most effective, organ transplan...

  • The woman kidney is bad, how to recuperate?

    Date:2017-09-02 15:49:27

    1, do more relaxation exercises Women with kidney deficiency need to do more exercise. They dont ask you to do anaerobic exercises that consume enormous amounts of energy, nor do they ask you to do aerobics exercises that test endurance, bu...

  • How to do when the kidney stones pain

    Date:2017-08-29 16:56:15

    Kidney stones for the common urinary system, kidney stones attack will make patients particularly painful, there may be kidney cough disgusting, vomiting, irritability, bloating, hematuria, etc., patients may be associated with sweating, pa...

  • Tong Shantang hospital experts tell you what hypertensive ne

    Date:2017-08-20 11:50:41

    Tangshan Hospital experts tell you what symptoms of hypertensive nephropathy ? Hypertensive nephropathy has been one of many people afraid of the disease. Hypertensive patients understand the hypertensive nephropathy symptoms, so that early...

  • Expert analysis of pediatric acute renal failure etiology

    Date:2017-08-17 14:27:34

    Pediatric acute renal failure is a special nature of the syndrome, is due to a variety of causes of acute renal damage, short-term rapid reduction of renal physiological function or even loss, resulting in kidney can not maintain body fluid...

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