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Why chronic kidney disease "fear of infection and easy to i

2017-11-18 17:17

Chronic kidney disease has a close relationship with “infection”. Whether it is initial onset or later relapse and exacerbation, some infections are fatal to patients with chronic kidney disease. Kidney disease is not infectious diseases, but also immune diseases. A cold infection can aggravate the kidney damage. Like syndrome or proteinuria in patients with urinary protein significantly increased after cold nephrotic syndrome, followed by recurrence or worsening edema; cold infection in patients with chronic renal failure is also a bad blow, it can make a further decline in renal function, and even accelerate into end-stage renal disease.

Why is kidney disease “susceptible” to infection?

Physical low immune function (immune globulin in the urine loss, diminished synthesis, increased catabolism); often accompanied by cell immunity and complement system insufficiency; protein malnutrition, edema caused by local circulation; long-term use of corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents.

How does kidney disease patient “prevent” infection?

For patients with steroid and immunosuppressive agents (nephrotic syndrome and renal transplantation), the key points for prevention of infection are as follows:

Pay attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, pay attention to diet hygiene, pay attention to food shelf life, prevent digestive tract infection; don't raise poultry and pets.

Avoid crowded public places, stay away from respiratory tract infections, and recommend wearing a cotton mask when you go out.

Appropriate activities, enhance physical fitness; prevention of trauma, even small wounds should also be paid attention to, timely treatment, so as to avoid infection spread;

Reasonable nutrition; pay attention to keep warm, warm and cold alternating, should timely increase and decrease clothing, prevent cold, ban tobacco and alcohol; do not share with other people's daily necessities, such as toothbrushes, razors, etc., to avoid cross virus infection, such as hepatitis, HIV infection;

Regular follow-up should be done to adjust the dosage of immunosuppressant according to the change of disease condition and avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

For hemodialysis patients, the main points of infection prevention are as follows:

Timely dialysis preparation, the establishment of dialysis routes in advance, reduce venous catheterization and other operations; adequate dialysis, improve nutritional status, increase resistance; avoid long-term hospitalization, encourage proper exercise.

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